Infosys Unveils Infosys Nia The Next-Generation Artificial Intelligence Platform

  • IT Innovations , Consultancy , Infrastructure
  • 27.04.2017 10:45 am

Today Infosys, a well-known provider of consulting, technology, outsourcing, and next-generation services, has revealed Infosys Nia, the next-generation AI platform. Newly launched mechanism combines company’s first-generation AI platform, Infosys Mana and AssistAdge, its Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution.  

Infosys Nia brings together the big data-analytics, machine learning, knowledge management, and cognitive automation functions of Mana. Furthermore, it includes end-to-end capabilities of AssistEdge, Sytree’s advanced and scalable machine learning capabilities, optical character recognition (OCR), natural language processing (NPL) and infrastructure management services.

The Infosys’s new flexible technological advancement enables developing highly customizable services in order to build smooth customer experience. Infosys Nia can help clients solve variety of issues, including order-to-cash process, forecast of variability of manufacturing and material costs, customer genome and models of multiple complex contracts to operationalize the knowledge.

Senior manager of HfS department, Dr. Tom Reuner stated that by leveraging and integrating a broad set of artificial intelligence technologies, Infosys is supporting customers on their journey towards business transformation. The modular set up of Infosys Nia allows more flexibility when addressing diverse sets of use cases. On this journey, company’s expansive AI and cognitive computing capabilities provide customers with solutions that put data at the center of their service delivery strategies. That might sound trite, but really, data is becoming the new currency.


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