Digital Transformation of Japan with e-hanko by DocuSign and Shachihata

  • IT Innovations
  • 16.02.2017 10:45 am

eSignature and Digital Transaction Management (DTM) pioneer and global standard DocuSign Japan and Shachihata Inc. (Shachihata), whose hanko seals are widely used by Japanese companies, announce today the launch of a new solution that digitizes business processes from end-to-end to achieve the paperless business. The integration of Shachihata's e-hanko with DocuSign's DTM platform enables the digitization of business processes that require the use of traditional seals unique to Japanese companies.

The joint solution – the first to be launched following DocuSign Japan and Shachihata's partnership announcement in November 2015 – empowers Japanese companies to achieve digital transformation for faster speed of transactions, increased security and compliance, and improved customer experiences.

DocuSign Japan Vice President Hayato Koeda said, "The advantages of digitization are now more widely recognized. However, traditional Japanese business customs including the process of affixing a seal remain, resulting in the persistent use of paper which acts as a bottleneck to improving work efficiency. By collaborating with Shachihata, a leading company in Japan's traditional hanko culture, we're providing a solution that makes it easier for Japanese companies to improve operational efficiency, compliance measures and customer experience. In Europe and the United States, many progressive companies have already undertaken the move towards digitization and with this solution, Japanese companies can also achieve digital transformation with completely paperless business operations." 

Shachihata Inc. President Masayoshi Funahashi said, "Shachihata is involved in authorizations that are essential to any business and we are now providing an electronic hanko system with computer authorization as a seal service for electronic documents. In addition to this, I am delighted by our partnership with DocuSign through which we can now provide a new joint solution that is suitable for Japanese business customs. By bringing together the expertise we have cultivated with DocuSign's DTM service, we can support the digitization of contractual processes in Japan in the future."   

With this solution, contracts can be electronically signed and completed using an e-hanko rather than a signature – this is possible through the eSignature function provided by DocuSign's DTM solution. Similar to the eSignature, the e-hanko can't be copied or altered due to DocuSign's advanced security functions which provide document tracking with regards to who, when and where the signature was made. DocuSign is consequently more secure than a paper contract.   

This service will be available in March 2017. 

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