CEPRES: Launch of new PE.Analyzer3 in Berlin

  • IT Innovations
  • 24.02.2017 06:00 am

CEPRES today reported about demonstration of PE.Analyzer3 at upcoming SuperReturn conference in Berlin. PE.Analyzer3 mixes three products, such as an advanced investment research tool, an innovative due diligence system, and an exclusive private investment network for high quality, verified GPs, into one secure online platform for private markets.

PE.Analyzer3 was developed with the combined thought leadership of 100s of leading LPs and GPs. It introduces an entirely novel user interface that puts decision makers in control of all the information they need - at their fingertips. PE.Analyzer3 also ushers in an era of investment data and sophistication never seen before in private markets. It completely redefines how investors make commitment decisions to funds, directs and co-investments.

“PE.Analyzer3 is a revolutionary and innovative product that is literally five years ahead of any tool for private equity”, says Dr. Daniel Schmidt, CEPRES’s founder and CEO. “We all want to be empowered and ensure that we make the best investment decisions — whether internally, or via a consultant or advisor. PE.Analyzer3 delivers this through the most revolutionary tools and data since private equity investing began”.

Additional important highlights are:

  • Advanced Investment Research Tools Empower Analysts and Decision Makers
    • Quickly find answers to most demanded questions
    • Aggregates live data direct from 1000s of GPs
    • Over $4.2 trillion of PE-backed companies
  • Innovative Due Diligence System Based on Thought-Leadership of 100s of Leading LPs
    • 1-click analysis for instant in-depth screening
    • Pioneering deal and operating company benchmarking
    • Build library of GPs and compare to own portfolio
  • Exclusive Private Investment Network to Connect for Investments around the World
    • Only verified, high quality GPs
    • Fast access to new strategies
    • Save time and expense on initial screening 



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