Bittium to Release IoT Solutions at Wearable Technology Show 2016

  • IT Innovations , Infrastructure
  • 14.03.2016 09:30 am

Bittium will exhibit its customized, secure IoT solutions and engineering services at Wearable Technology Show 2016, to be held in ExCel, London, the United Kingdom March 15–16, 2016. At display are Bittium Smart Watch and IoT gateway reference designs, which can be easily customized according to customer needs and industry specific requirements. Bittium also exhibits nationally in Finland to restricted classification level approved Bittium Tough Mobile smartphone and related Bittium Secure Suite device management and encryption software, which can be utilized also in Bittium’s IoT solutions.

At the event Bittium has a speaking slot in the healthcare track: "The benefits of wearables in preventive healthcare". The presentation will bring out latest wearable innovations, wearable sensing technology use cases in healthcare segment and how the outgoing data from the sensors should be protected. Speaker is Sami Toljamo, Sales Director, IoT Solutions. Bittium also takes part in discussion panel about “Wearables at Work”. The panel of experts will look at what wearables can do in the enterprise, what solutions are on offer and what type of considerations enterprise customers usually factor in when they decide to deploy wearables to their workforce. Bittium’s panelist is Jari Inget, Director, IoT Solutions.

  • Bittium’s customized, secure IoT solutions and engineering services are targeted for various industrial, healthcare and wearable sports device manufacturers. Bittium's comprehensive service offering consists of complete, customized IoT solutions, including end-to-end development services and all components of the solution. Solutions are based on device platforms, which can be easily customized according to customer needs and industry-specific requirements.
  • Bittium Tough Mobile is a secure and durable Android-based LTE smartphone combining the latest information security and commercial device technologies. Bittium Tough Mobile incorporates a hardware-based security platform, which enables strong device security as well as deep integration of both customers' own and third party software security solutions.
  • Bittium Secure Suite device management and encryption software product that complements the Bittium Tough Mobile smartphone with a scalable set of new software services for remote management, remote attestation and securing the network connections of the device. The Bittium Tough Mobile smartphone and Bittium Secure Suite form a unique, complete, reliable system for processing and transferring sensitive and classified material and securing critical communication.

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