Navian Tech Has Completed Funding for Two Ongoing Development Projects in Sweden

  • Investment
  • 16.11.2022 12:45 pm

Two ongoing development projects in Sweden, Ella&Park in Täby and the mountain housing project in Idre, have obtained full financing through Navian Tech

Navian Tech is developing a digital platform that will enable small to medium-sized property developers and property investors to find property projects, develop, finance, and sell those projects, all in the same tool.

With the help of the digital platform, Navian Tech has now completed the financing for these two projects. The projects are developed by Abylon Properties, a sister company of Navian Tech.

"This is a game changer for Navian Tech. There is a strong need in the industry to streamline processes. As a result, we are thrilled to demonstrate that digital solutions can fully support property developers in obtaining financing to fund their projects. We are continuing our digitalisation journey and look forward to helping more developers with project financing through our digital platform," says Sergey Kasachenko, CEO of Navian Tech.

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