InvestorAccess Welcomes 500th Institutional Investor, a Key Milestone in Electronification of Primary Fixed Income Market

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  • 06.04.2021 07:08 pm

IHS Markit has grown the buyside InvestorAccess community to 500 institutional investors, demonstrating an ongoing momentum in the adoption of its digital primary market platform.

InvestorAccess first launched in 2017 to meet the sellside and buyside demand for electronification and enhanced efficiency in the primary fixed income market. The platform is part of a global offering from IHS Markit, with accessibility available to all banks.

"As InvestorAccess welcomes its 500th institutional investor to the community, we look forward to broadening our collaboration with firms across primary markets," said Chris Sztam, SVP & Head of the Global Markets Group at IHS Markit. "Primary markets are driven by interoperability and the open exchange of critical information, and with this in mind, we will continue to partner with leading market participants to enable best-of-breed solutions for the entire ecosystem."

InvestorAccess provides access to more than 95% of the European and 80% of the Asian primary fixed income market, based on its connectivity to 55 banks. IHS Markit is scaling these efficiencies to the US market, where its IssueNet platform is used for 98% of corporate investment grade issuance. Using InvestorAccess, all US banks are able to communicate consolidated deal terms to the buyside, providing the same efficiencies that are available in Europe and Asia.

In addition to consolidated deal terms, documentation and updates for primary market deals can be communicated directly from the syndicate desk to the buyside - and can be viewed in a web-based deal calendar, or consumed directly by buyside systems, enabling a quicker decision on whether to participate in the deal. InvestorAccess can manage the implementation of mandatory terms at each stage of the deal, such as those recommended by the International Capital Market Association at announcement, ensuring that information received by the buyside is consistent across every deal.

InvestorAccess also facilitates the electronic communication of orders and allocations between the buyside and sellside. The platform has seen significant year-on-year growth in orders communicated, with additional growth expected following the completion of the InvestorAccess/FIX API. The first buyside OMS/EMS platform has already integrated with InvestorAccess using this FIX API connectivity, as several additional OMS/EMS vendors are slated to be added throughout 2021, bringing extended straight-through processing to the primary market.

IHS Markit provides a standardized electronic workflow and reference data to expedite the buyside's ability to assimilate information about global primary markets - a key benefit to all industry participants as they explore opportunities to advance innovation.

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