Inland Investments Selects AIX Platform to Power End-to-End Digital Processing of Alternative Investment Offerings

  • Investment
  • 10.05.2021 06:11 pm

Alternative Investment Exchange (AIX), the platform making it easy to buy, own, and sell alternative investments, announced that Inland Real Estate Investment Corporation (“Inland Investments”) has selected the AIX platform as one of its electronic platform providers to onboard new funds and streamline its alternative investment processes. Powered by the AIX platform, Inland Investments’ new investing portal offers a more seamless experience to its independent broker-dealer and advisor partners.

As a sponsor of alternative public and private real estate securities, Inland Investments provides opportunities for individuals to invest in a variety of real estate investment solutions. Inland Investments and its affiliates are involved in almost every aspect of commercial real estate and have been proponents of innovation in the alternatives industry. Since inception, it has sponsored 784 real estate investment programs serving more than 490,000 investors across all major commercial real estate sectors.

“Inland Investments remains committed to advancing the client experience for our diverse product offerings. The industry is improving investment processing efficiencies and minimizing tedious paperwork, high NIGO rates, and compliance delays,” explained Phil Graham, EVP Strategic Relations at Inland Securities Corporation, dealer manager for Inland Investments. “We believe AIX and Inland Investments share the same objective – to provide an exceptional end-to-end digital investment experience.”

The AIX platform is an easy-to-use alternative investments system that enables an entirely digital investing experience. By removing the tediousness tied to stacks of paperwork, manual data entry, and reconciliation (and hours wasted on re-keying data), the historical objections across the alternative investing ecosystem have been solved. In addition to addressing inefficiency, AIX helps to de-risk the alternative investing process by incorporating real-time validation of requirements such as AI Insight training status, concentration limits, and state suitability.

“Inland Investments’ deep expertise in alternative investment operations and the flexibility of AIX’s technology platform make it possible to elevate the wealth manager’s investing experience to new levels,” said Brad West, COO of AIX. “We are excited to partner with Inland Investments to offer intuitive, streamlined subscription solutions for its diverse product offerings, which include real estate investment trusts, 1031 exchanges, opportunity zones, and private placements.”


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