Equita Becomes the Newest Member of Spectrum Markets

  • Investment
  • 27.04.2022 06:20 pm

Spectrum Markets, the pan-European trading venue for securitised derivatives, announced today it has further strengthened its European presence as it welcomes Equita, one of Italy’s largest independent investment banks, and among the leaders in market making and specialist activities in Italy, as a direct Member of the exchange.

Equita will provide its network of clients and banking groups access to Spectrum Markets via its brokerage service offering, enabling their retail clients to trade securitised derivatives on the venue.

Being a member of Spectrum Markets will also give Equita the option to further expand its market making capabilities, where the bank already has a well-established leading position in Italy with more than 1,400 listed instruments and over 150,000 trades per year, enhancing liquidity and offering pan-European market making on local products from issuers that will be able to access the venue.

Equita has been active in the Italian market for more than 45 years and its business spans trading and brokerage services, investment banking and advisory, as well as alternative asset management.

“We’re very pleased to be welcoming Equita as part of a strong partnership that will enlarge its offering and allow clients to benefit from the pan-European reach of Spectrum Markets, particularly when it comes to meeting the growing demand for securitised derivatives across the continent as flexible and innovative solutions for retail investment proliferate,” explains Nicky Maan, CEO Spectrum Markets.

“The financial instruments listed on Spectrum Markets can be used by investors in a range of strategies, from leverage to hedging, or optimising straightforward investment exposure, and offering an advantage in a product designed for retail investors,” he adds.

“Innovation has always been at the heart of our business, and this is more important today than ever before, as financial markets are evolving at such a rapid pace, particularly when it comes to serving investors, as well as issuers,” said Gennaro Vicidomini, Deputy Head of Proprietary Trading at Equita.

“This new partnership with Spectrum on securitised derivatives trading, and potential market making services, is in line with the further diversification we are putting in place, with our Global Markets division seeking to provide our clients with a complete and innovative product offering,” adds Cristiano Rho, Co-Head Global Markets at Equita.

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