EFA Selects NeoXam for Regulatory Reporting

  • Investment , Fund Management , Financial
  • 17.09.2021 10:40 am

The regulatory environment around funds has drastically increased in recent years and this  trend is expected to continue. As a leading provider of the fund industry in Luxembourg, EFA  is committed to providing its clients with the best service and the most up-to-date tools to  respond to their existing and future regulatory requirements.  

To this end, the EFA wanted to adopt a dedicated platform to industrialise the operations of  its teams of experts. 

At the end of a selection phase, EFA chose NeoXam’s Impress Regulatory Edition for its  qualities of data integration and rationalization, its robust and complete calculation engine  and its advanced visualization interface, allowing EFA to meet all of its expectations.  

This decision reinforces and expands the long-standing relationship between EFA and  NeoXam initiated with the adoption of the back-office investment accounting tool NeoXam  GP. 

Gary Janaway, COO at EFA, said: “The ability to provide our clients with a full range of  regulatory reports with increasing demand for digital output led EFA to extent our partnership  with NeoXam. Primary factors that influenced our selection were the ability to manage the  integrity and quality of data from internal production systems and to import data from  external sources. Impress Regulatory addition facilitates our clients’ need for high quality  branded regulatory reports and provides EFA with a high capacity production capability.” 

Florent Fabre, COO of NeoXam, added: “The future of reporting is undoubtedly industrial  and digital. We develop high-performance and innovative solutions that meet the demanding  expectations of the market to support our customers. We’ve worked closely with EFA for  over a decade now and look forward to continuing to support them in their growth.”


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