Direct Investing Pioneer Just Invest Switches 15 Major Benchmarks to Solactive Indices

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  • 19.05.2021 05:00 pm

Direct indexing brings innovation to the passive investing industry by making  investing hyper customizable for more consumers. Just Invest, a direct indexing provider, further  challenges traditional industry norms by empowering advisors to invest directly in companies via  multi-account direct indexing. Now, Just Invest announces switching 15 major benchmarks to  Solactive indices. The new indices will be used as performance benchmarks in portfolio construction  processes and for performance reporting purposes. By combining Solactive’s expertise in the creation  of benchmark indices and Just Invest’s tech-forward direct indexing, the collaboration offers advisors  quality direct indexing constructed with benchmarks comparable to major name-brand indices  without major name-brand cost. 

In an environment that traditionally has been dominated by a few established companies, Solactive is  transforming the indexing space with its disruptive pricing model, custom benchmarks, and fast service. In  parallel, Just Invest redefines investment management to allow advisors to deliver the optimal solution to  their investor clients with automated investment management, boosted tax alpha, and customized direct  indexes. 

The 15 Equity benchmarks give investors direct exposure to global large, mid & small-cap markets. All  benchmarks provided for Just Invest are part of Solactive's Global Benchmark Series, a comprehensive  framework of indices. 

“As we are an industry disruptor ourselves, we are keen to work with companies that share our vision and  hands-on mentality, and as a leading innovator in the custom asset management space, Just Invest is a fitting  counterpart for our offering and attitude,” comments Timo Pfeiffer, CMO of Solactive. Direct indexing is a  trend that is increasingly splashing over from the US to Europe. Utilizing our indices, Just Invest’s platform  allows investors to personalize and adopt index strategies in their portfolio effortlessly. Therefore, we cannot  wait to enhance our business relationship with Just Invest forward as direct indexing grows in popularity  amongst investors globally.”

“Though our industry peers typically use name-brand indices for their benchmarks, Just Invest is pushing the  envelope by partnering with Solactive. Due to Solactive's excellence in index construction, client-driven  principles and best in-class economics, our partnership adds qualitative and economic value for clients and  investors. We believe the entire custom asset management industry stands to gain from this collaboration,”  said Jonathan Hudacko, CEO of Just Invest. 

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