Smartr365 unites advisers and technology for better financial decisions

  • Investment Management , Wealth Management , Consultancy
  • 19.01.2017 09:45 am
Smartr365, a new technology platform designed to enable financial advisers to serve their clients quicker and more efficiently than ever before, launches nationwide later this month. Using state-of-the art bespoke technology, the Smart365 SaaS platform aims to shake up the sector by simplifying the way advisers work, through a series of real-time applications that will allow them to manage their clients’ finances more effectively.
Smartr365 has been created by some of the sharpest minds in finance, and supported by industry giants including E-Conveyancer and Hometrack, along with two of the big four banks.
CEO Conor Murphy said: “Smartr365  will enable advisers to give smarter financial advice and grow their business at a much quicker rate.  It’s all about empowerment through technology. Smartr365 is shaking up the world of financial advice.
“Advisers will be able to keep track of their clients’ individual circumstances in real-time and be in a position to offer them the best financial products the moment they are available.” The UK financial advisory market is huge with a £160billion slice of the £230billion lending in 2016 coming through brokers, but the race to keep pace is fierce. Some 88% of advisers in the UK say they will need to invest in technology by the start of 2019 to remain competitive.
The 'trump card' advisers have is that clients prefer to deal with people they know and trust, so adopting Smartr365 will enable them the very best advice available, delivered via a trusted source.
The emergence of robo-advisers has been a concern to many financial advisers of late, but Smartr365’s technology platform, twinned with the advisers’ personal client relationships, services will become streamlined, resulting in a dramatic reduction inadministration tasks.
“Advisers who use Smartr365 will be able to focus on what they do best – giving sound and relevant financial advice,” continued CEO Conor Murphy.
“Using our unique tools, advisers can connect introducers, clients, advisers and business processes and increase their volume of each. Our platform will also feature robo-advice, but with the objective of helping advisers rather than working against them. 
“We know how invaluable an adviser’s role is in helping clients to get the best advice that enables them to make the best financial decisions. We're just making the whole process that much easier. We join up all parties - lender, broker, introducer and client – and offer the best solutions, plus so much more."
Through Smartr365, advisers can see the value of every property in their client’s portfolio, along with their mortgage balances and equity, meaning they can source accurate solutions in real time, knowing that these will complete as the valuation and credit is proven at the outset, thereby saving time on abortive transactions. 
They can also verify using DigiID and credit check via Call Credit- all at the touch of a button. Bank statements, legal instructions, lender applications can all be gathered with the touch of a button. Smartr365 is a one-stop shop and can reduce a 10 hour mortgage process to as little as one hour - advisers will wonder how they ever got by without it.
Through Smartr365, advisers will be more productive and profitable, while at the same time being an even better adviser by having real-time access to key and comprehensive information. 

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