See Opportunities in Any Problem: The Inspiring Story of Layal Haykal on Achieving Success

  • Investment Management
  • 11.05.2021 02:35 pm

We’ve heard many stories about companies that went broke in times of crisis, but also many examples of how businesses flourished in bad times, doing better on vital financial parameters and outperforming their competitors.

The same can be said of individuals. Extraordinary leaders know that how they fight a war often determines whether they will emerge triumphant.

In this post, I’d like to share a success story of one outstanding woman and her principles that helped her become successful.

Layal Haykal is a financier who has put a lot of effort and energy into the growth of The EuroMena Funds, an investing company from Lebanon. Thanks to her perseverance, carefulness, and continuing education, she has built a brilliant career.

“Life uncovers at its own rhythm, not by the terms and timelines we have dreamt and set in our minds. Success isn’t defined by age, but by devotion, heavy work, determination, and strength,” says Layal.

During her work at The EuroMena Funds, Layal collaborated with domestic Development Finance Institutions, or DFIs (organizations that introduce new standards for the development of private businesses as the main instrument for economic recovery), as well as Lebanese and foreign LPs (Limited Liability Companies or Limited Partnerships) that worked with The Euromena Funds.

At The EuroMena Funds, Layal specialized in emerging markets, transforming companies she worked with using the proper investing strategy. She occupied essential positions in the company with significant responsibility and financial flows. Layal was responsible for regulating procedures and policies inside the enterprise, and Using her excellent managerial, communicational, and professional skills, she organized and implemented a new workflow. In addition, she found many business solutions in the company's tax efficiency policy. As a result of her hard work, she earned well-deserved praise from Lebanese and international colleagues.

Finding herself as a role model for the women in the financial industry, she shared her thoughts: “One of the best things you can do for your career is to take control and ownership of your professional path. I mean to protect and express yourself clearly, be an advocate for your interests. Whether you’re discussing a salary increase or trying to get a promotion, being timid or unconfident is unlikely to get you what you want and deserve. The more you can present your confidence and proficiency, the more you’ll be able to inspire confidence in your skills.”

During the crisis in Lebanon, Layal managed the financial flow of all companies of The EuroMena Group. It was a stressful period in her career. Banks and financial institutions, which were central to the service-oriented economy, were frozen. The currency crashed, leading the population into poverty. It’s easy to understand what level of responsibility and stress this woman underwent. But she kept doing her job at the highest level despite the incredible difficulties.

Combining her hard work and a tremendous level of responsibility, she didn’t stop improving and developing. Conferences, Certifications, and meetings are her lifestyle and weekday routine.

Finally, all her skills, character traits, and experience led to her current position as a confident and powerful woman, wife, and mother, who benefits companies both in Lebanon and worldwide.


The corporate world is a highly challenging place that is often ruthless. Achieving success in this area is never easy; it requires many hours of hard work, effort, and dedication. Successful women face unique challenges on their way to success and often find themselves under incredible pressure to change themselves to fit into the dynamically developing business world. At times, they feel pressured to downplay female traits of leadership such as kindness and empathy, which may be seen as signs of weakness in a corporate environment. However, the most successful women stay true to themselves, revealing the unique leadership qualities that they can bring to an organization.

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