HKSTP and HKEx Introduce Road to IPO Platform

  • Investment Management
  • 02.06.2017 01:15 pm

Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) and Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX) today jointly announced the launch of their Road to IPO platform, a move that further strengthens Hong Kong as a technology investment hub.

The Road to IPO platform, announced at a conference held at Hong Kong Science Park entitled Road to IPO: Seminar for High Growth Corporates, was created to help steer technology companies through the multi-stage, multi-year process as they prepare for an initial public offering (IPO). The platform will connect high-potential technology companies with external parties including global investors, financial, legal and business experts that can support them on this journey. 

Opened for all technology companies at different stages in fund-raising and the IPO process, the platform now targets technology companies that are closer to the IPO-planning stage, including those from the biomedical technology, electronics, green technology, information and communications technology, and material and precision engineering industries. These are the five key technology clusters that HKSTP focuses on developing and have the potential to transform Hong Kong into a new epicentre of technology innovation. 

Joint effort to establish Hong Kong as a regional hub of technology investment

Through the Road to IPO platform, HKSTP and HKEX will organise IPO-related joint workshops to help ambitious technology companies put in place the right strategies, management team, corporate structure as well as financial and governance models as part of their IPO preparation. Besides, HKSTP will set up an enquiry hotline to cater for technology companies at all stages that need directions to IPO; HKEX will assist technology companies referred by HKSTP at appropriate times by guiding them through the IPO preparation process and relevant listing requirement. Combining their strengths, HKSTP and HKEX are convening industry organisations committed to nurturing technology companies.

“Technology is key to the future of Hong Kong and global economy while investors are key to the technology ecosystem. HKSTP is making remarkable progress in building a strong and supportive ecosystem for technology companies. We believe that our ecosystem, home to a number of high potential technology companies, can become the best destination for investors. We are glad to have HKEX to join our hands to establish such powerful end-to-end support platform to nurture technology companies towards IPO in Hong Kong, and help Hong Kong become a regional hub for technology investment.” said Albert Wong, Chief Executive Officer of HKSTP. 

“While we keep the momentum going to build an optimised ecosystem for start-ups and technology companies, our ultimate aim is to make our city a magnet to investors from all over the world to support and invest in innovation.” continued Albert.

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