eVestment Private Markets Alliance Unites Consultants to Transform Private Markets Due Diligence

  • Investment Management , Infrastructure
  • 03.11.2016 12:15 pm

With today’s launch of the Private Markets Alliance, eVestment has once again united with leading investment consulting organizations to transform and simplify due diligence. Just as eVestment revolutionized data collection and analysis across public markets, the firm and its consultant partners have set their sights on bringing the same level of efficiency and transparency to private markets.

Comprised of 11 of the top industry consultants advising more than $8 trillion, the eVestment Private Markets Alliance will establish a common approach for communicating quantitative and qualitative performance data and importantly, lead to a clearinghouse platform whereby the fund manager maintains control over data distribution.

Disclosed participants in the Alliance include the following investment consulting organizations: Angeles Investment Advisors, Colonial Consulting, Ellwood Associates, Marquette Associates, NEPC, RCLCO, Rocaton Investment Advisors, Pension Consulting Alliance, Russell Investments, RVK and Segal Rogerscasey. eVestment will continue to expand the Alliance globally to involve additional consulting, investor and fund of funds members.

“The current state of information flow in private markets greatly resembles that of the traditional assets space 16 years ago,” said Heath Wilson, co-founder of eVestment. “Investors and consultants need access to granular information and are overwhelming fund managers’ investor relations resources. By putting the weight of influential consultants and allocators behind this effort and utilizing our best-in-class data collection and analytics solutions, eVestment is streamlining the workflow for both parties during research and due diligence.” 

With Alliance members adopting eVestment TopQ as their preferred method to receive and analyze private markets investment performance, fund managers gain a single, efficient way to privately and securely report performance with investors and consultants of their choice. This clearing house approach will dramatically reduce the amount of time managers spend responding to data requests, allowing them to focus on other valuable aspects of investor relations. This approach to permission-based track record sharing is the first truly GP-friendly solution in the marketplace.

For consultants and investors, the Alliance offers access and analysis of private markets managers’ track records in a transparent and consistent format. The ability to compare managers on an apples-to-apples basis facilitates meaningful due diligence and a more robust decision making process. As important, it eliminates the data chasing cycle and potential for human error during analysis.

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