A Virtual Experience of Digital Transformation in Insurance: Customer Engagement & Operational Agility Conference 2020

  • Insurtech
  • 15.04.2020 01:59 pm

Join us on 5-6 May for a virtual experience of Digital Transformation in Insurance conference (https://arena-international.com/digital-insurance/). Over 30 speakers from industry leaders Direct Line, Allianz, Lloyds and Aviva join innovative insurtechs including Flock and
FloodFlash to collaborate with us LIVE to share their experience and insight.

The rise of COVID-19 has meant that many traditional face-to-face solutions are no longer possible and so it has never been more important for insurers, insurtech, brokers and solution providers to innovate. Our virtual conference platform will enable industry professionals to come together to discuss and explore practical end-to-end digital solutions to enhance the customer’s experience, improve operational agility and ultimately grow their business.

1. Opening overview - The Impact of the coronavirus on the Insurance industry and digital innovations to overcome the challenges presented by Bartosz Golba, Head of Insurance Research, GlobalData.
2. A case Study of Lloyd’s Lab - Discussing how innovative start-ups have been supported at Lloyds Lab and the successes they have seen thanks to their digital solutions. This section will be led by Ed Gaze, Head of Lloyd’s Lab.
3. Real-time insurance for a real-time world- How machine learning is optimising insurance pricing - 90% of all the data in the world was created in the last two years. Phones, cars and cities are collecting millions of data points every day. So how can we harness this data to build better insurance policies? This case study will be presented by John Rowlands, Head of Insurance at Flock.
4. Successful implementation of Natural language processing (NLP) transforming how an insurer understands and leverages data - The journey to delivering a cutting-edge technology from proof of concept to production. This case study will be presented in full by Matthew Churchill, Head of Hiscox Futures at Hiscox.
5. The potential and pitfalls of digital customer-centric strategies - Personalisation through data, delivering value through partnerships and collaboration and Harnessing AI for real-time responses will be covered by one of our keynote speakers, Mark Evans, Managing Director, Marketing and Digital, Direct Line Group.
6. Harnessing technology to fight fraud – Exploring new technologies available to streamline fraud detections – including the capabilities of cloud and AI tools. This session will be led by Steve Jackson, Head of Financial Crime, Covéa Insurance.
7. The power of digital to improve the customer claims journey - Overcoming the challenges of customer data, technology and culture to speed up the claims process by Jeremy Trott, Head of Claims Operations, Allianz Insurance

Mark Evans, Managing Director Marketing And Digital of Direct Line Group, one of our keynote speakers said in the build-up to this conference: “Insurance is often people’s first safety net and is based on mutual trust. Join me at the now virtual Digital in Transformation conference to hear the role that new technologies are playing in achieving this when I present on “Relationships vs robots: When customer management meets the tech revolution”.

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For more information: www.arena-international.com/digital-insurance/

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