Volante Technologies Contributes Further to MuleSoft’s Partner Ecosystem with Certified Connector for the Global Financial Services Industry

  • Infrastructure
  • 24.10.2016 01:30 pm

Volante Technologies Inc., a global leader in the provision of software for the integration, processing and orchestration of financial messages and payments, today released a new certified connector for the global financial services industry created on MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform™, a leading platform for building application networks.

MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform enables organizations to build application networks through API-led connectivity, making it quicker and easier for firms to achieve business objectives. MuleSoft continues to see growing market demand from the financial services industry, as organizations in the space are recognizing that connectivity is critical to achieving their strategic initiatives. By making any application, data or device pluggable and reusable, an application network enables financial services organizations to leverage existing and new technologies to drive innovation and agility at scale, launch new products and revenue opportunities, and improve customer experience. Used by four of the top nine global banks, MuleSoft helps the financial services industry achieve strategic initiatives, such as enriching consumer experiences, increasing operational efficiencies and delivering capabilities through digital channels.

Volante's MuleSoft certified connector for financial services will give customers access to a vast library of more than 85 financial message standards. The Anypoint Connector for Volante also enables applications to communicate with one another in their native data formats, making message transformation and integration seamless. When the certified connector is invoked from within the Anypoint Platform, the software automatically handles the business logic and communication, including validation, transformation, enrichment, routing and exceptions as configured by the user. This approach negates the need to embark on a traditional code development process. The formatted message is then passed back to MuleSoft for delivery to another endpoint.

Volante’s technology helps firms manage the complex world of ever-changing message standards and integration of new and legacy applications in payments and other business domains. At the heart of this solution is the Volante Designer product, a suite of modular software tools capable of supporting the most complex message and data integration challenges on any platform using any data format. Used by major financial institutions, corporates, exchanges and industry utilities around the world, Volante enables users to rapidly adopt changing message standards and build specific financial data and message integration, processing and orchestration solutions.

Venkat Malla, Co-founder and Head of Product Management, Volante Technologies, commented, “We are delighted to strengthen our relationship with MuleSoft through this latest contribution to MuleSoft’s Anypoint Exchange. As an established vendor in the message and data integration space, we have witnessed increasing interest in MuleSoft across the financial services and banking industry because of their excellent reputation. This partnership ensures that our mutual customers will benefit from faster implementations of integration projects in banking and capital markets.”  

Brent Hayward, Vice President of Global Partners and Services, MuleSoft, added, “With the explosion of disparate technologies today, connecting them all quickly and efficiently is the key to gaining competitive edge. Through its partnership with MuleSoft, Volante is enabling its customers to create a dynamic application network to achieve their goals and accelerate their pace of business. We’re pleased to welcome Volante into MuleSoft’s world-class partner ecosystem and look forward to working together to deliver significant business impact to our mutual customers.”

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