Transatel DataSIM Continues its Global Expansion in Russia

  • Infrastructure
  • 12.07.2016 06:30 am

Transatel DataSIM's global connectivity solution is now covering the vast land of Russia, making it the 48th country under Transatel DataSIM's network. Comprised of 85 "federal subjects"[1], Russia's territories create obstacles for travelers toobtain a SIM card and understand the complex pricing. Transatel DataSIM's innovative technology allows travelers to overpass the hassle of swapping multiple SIM cards and paying different rates. Travelers will profit with one SIM card for all of Russia as they connect to the internet via Tele2 Russia's network at just 0.02€/MB[2] . Other countries covered in this region include Estonia, Lithuania, and Finland. With the same SIM card from Transatel DataSIM, travelers are set free to wander and explore any country within coverage and benefit from paying local rates.

Starting today, with the cooperation of Tele2 Russia, Transatel DataSIM's goal to cover the world is a step closer. Every year, Russia receives a huge amount of tourists from all over the world. In 2015, they welcomed over 32 million tourists [3]. Buying a SIM card here, however, is almost unattainable. Travelers must buy a SIM card for each of the territories visited. Passports, proof of residency, and some Russian knowledge is a must if travelers wish to stay connected on their travels. Now thanks to Transatel DataSIM, these travelers and tourists can avoid the stress, profit from local rates with one SIM card and enjoy their connectivity freedom. Transatel's prepaid global SIM card expires 18 months after last use and can be easily recharged through the customer webapp for future travels. The SIM can be purchased via, and is also delivered worldwide at no extra cost, so travelers are ready-to-go on their journey.

How does Transatel's DataSIM card work?


Simply inserted into any laptop or tablet equipped with a SIM slot, the prepaid data SIM card is delivered for free internationally and allows travelers to benefit from permanent internet connectivity worldwide, at local prices [4][5]  

For travelers who do not own a laptop or tablet with a slot for a SIM card, Transatel offers the Wi-Fi hotspot as an alternative. Ordered and deliveredalready preconfigured with the SIM card, the hotspot shares internet access with up to ten separate devices simultaneously. This is an ideal solution for trips with family, friends or colleagues, whether to consult emails, surf the web, use mobile apps for navigation, stream videos, stay connected via social media, and instantly send home???or to the office???videos and photographs.


'Desperately seeking Wi-Fi' is a tribulation of the past

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In a world where staying connected is a necessity, the Transatel DataSIM card offers peace of mind. Travelers install their SIM card once andcontinue to benefit from a secure and private cellular connection wherever their travels take them. The hassle of entering personal details, following circuitous routes to log in, or repeatedly producing a credit card to pay for temporary Wi-Fi access is over. In addition, no longer is one's daily route influenced by proximity to a good source of Wi-Fi.

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