TAS Group Contributes to the Successful T2S Wave 4 Migration

  • Infrastructure
  • 09.02.2017 11:30 am

The scheduled migration weekend of Target2 Securities Wave 4 proved 100% successful. The largest T2S migration wave so far has seen the go live of an additional 6 European countries: Germany, Austria, Hungary, Luxembourg, Slovakia and Slovenia.

With the entry of Clearstream, the most relevant CSD in terms of customers and volumes throughout the SEPA, the total number of settlement transactions handled by the T2S pan-European infrastructure has almost doubledEighteen CSDs representing 16 markets are now smoothly settling securities transactions on the pan-European platform.

TAS Group has been at the core of the T2S implementation from the very beginning. 

To serve the banking treasury and securities back-office market TAS Group developed Aquarius, the integrated solution for securities, cash and collateral that has been adopted by direct (DCP) and indirect (ICP) participants. An undisputed leader in Italy, where T2S made its debut with Wave1 back in 2015, Aquarius has been progressively adopted by relevant market players abroad.

Supporting the infrastructure, the TAS Network Gateway solution is installed in the heart of the European Central Platform as financial messaging middleware in charge of decoupling network access from applications while managing and dispatching all T2S messaging.

During the weekend of February 4 and 5, around two million of new the positions have been loaded into the platform with a processing rate well over 170 transactions per second, reaching peaks of over 230 TPS. On February 6 - 7, the first two operational days, the overall traffic handled by the system increased by more than 70% compared to the same two days of the previous week.

T2S is the largest market infrastructure project undertaken by the Eurosystem to date. Contributing to its success with the quality and continuous dedication of our human as well as technological resources reinforces once again TAS Group’s unique blueprint in the European Fintechs landscape.

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