Never Before Seen Lithuanian Gathering at Money 20/20

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  • 07.06.2022 02:55 pm

Europe’s largest Fintech conference will bring together the world’s most successful Fintech representatives and investors. This time they will be joined by a large team from Lithuania. For the first time, “Money 20/20” will mobilise and co-present our country’s Fintech community − start-ups, associations, and institutions.

At the event and expo in Amsterdam, under the name “LITHUANIA” will be presented Invest Lithuania, ROCKIT, Go Vilnius, Fintech Hub LT, EMBank, Fininbox, Ondato and Velmie. Also, more than 100 representatives from 25 Lithuanian Fintech companies will also travel to attend the conference.

“Money 20/20” is supported by Fintech industry players such as Mastercard, Stripe, and Goldman Sachs, who participate as well. During the conference, among such giants as the heads of JP Morgan, IBM, VISA, Kraken, and Google, Simonas Krėpšta, a Member of the Board of the Bank of Lithuania, and Liudas Kanapienis, CEO of Ondato, a company specialising in AML solutions, will also give presentations.

According to the representatives of the Lithuanian delegation, such a stand is being set up at “Money 20/20” for the first time, as only individual companies or institutions used to travel there. This shows the strength of the Fintech community and the increased desire to be seen and, of course, to attract more investment to Lithuania. 

“Fintech remains a top priority for Lithuania, attracting investments and new companies to the country. Our goal as one of the largest Fintech centres in the Baltics is to help such investments come to Lithuania, to show the maturity and cooperation of the Fintech ecosystem,” says Lina Žemaitytė-Kirkman, Head of Rockit – Home of Fintech and Sustainable Innovation.

Elijus Čivilis, General Manager of Invest Lithuania, also draws attention to the maturity of the Lithuanian Fintech ecosystem that is so attractive to international companies.

“The dynamic and energetic talents of Lithuania and the favourable regulatory framework allow us to go hand in hand with the best European and global tech players. This is also confirmed by the success stories of many fast-growing companies here,” says Mr. Čivilis.

Vaiva Amulė, Head of Fintech HUB LT, claims that the financial services created by Fintech companies in our country are highly valued around the world: “It’s easy to see – at ‘Money 20/20’ every year the companies representing Lithuania receive a lot of attention from international investors and potential partners. To go even higher, successful cooperation not only between Fintech companies but also between the different public authorities overseeing this area must continue. Our Fintech market is united, and this is Lithuania’s strength, one that we should not lose. Communality allows us to adapt quickly and flexibly to market changes that are currently very dynamic.”

According to Inga Romanovskienė, General Manager of Go Vilnius, 2021 was the best year to date for attracting capital to our start-ups. In 2022, we already saw one big exit and our second official unicorn, Nord Security. 

“We pay a lot of attention to make sure everyone in Vilnius can reach their full potential and those that aren’t here already can move in quickly using services such as the one International House Vilnius provides. As new start-ups arrive every month and our own start-ups continue to grow and succeed, the whole district in Vilnius is being shaped into a start-up space,” says Ms. Romanovskienė.

“Money20/20” was founded in 2012 by Payments and Fintech veterans from Google, TSYS and Citi. They broke the stereotypes anchored in snoozefest business conferences and designed an unparalleled experience built for the industry, by the industry. It is one of the most important expos that brings together investors, renowned speakers, innovators, and initiators of the financial technology revolution.

On June 7 over 7000+ people will join our 300+ speakers who will stand tall on our 6 stages that will charter the uncharted in Fintech and shape the future of the industry for years to come in Europe and beyond.

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