Neo & Partners Global Pushes Trading Atrium Innovation Boundaries with Software-Defined Network Foundation for Capital Markets In-Focus

  • Infrastructure
  • 12.03.2021 12:37 pm

Neo & Partners Global, a FinTech Company rigorously certified by the Singapore FinTech Association and recognized by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) serving the Capital Markets sector buy-side communities of commodity trading advisors, family offices, fund management companies and proprietary trading firms with its coined award-winning Trading Atrium, announces its push to the next innovation boundary in the post COVID-19 Digital Economy with live implementation of Software-Defined Network (SDN) foundation. This paves the way forward for further innovation boundaries such as edge computing and more.

Working closely with SPTel, a joint venture company of ST Engineering and SP Group, Neo & Partners Global has now innovatively powered its Trading Atrium business-class digital network with SPTel’s new SDN that now enables flexibility, scalability, resilience and “everything-as-a-service” capabilities, allowing rapid response to changing and dynamic capital market’s business needs, while improving total cost of ownership.

Adding to Neo & Partners Global’s Innovation culture, it had also uniquely implemented live in May 2020 its low latency real-time failover resilient network capability without sacrificing its cyber resilience. All set up in a state-of-the-art design befitting of the word Trading Atrium.

These advanced capabilities, in a traditional sense, are commonly found in large enterprises or financial institutions. So as a Singapore homegrown SME, we are proud to have carried out more-effective combinations that include the introduction of new methods of production, creating or redistributing value to make a meaningful impact to the Capital Markets sector buy-side communities of clientsthat we serve.

And we are honored and privileged to have SPTel supporting us in our pursuit of our innovation journey,” said Eric Neo Say Wei, Founder and Chairman of Neo & Partners Global.

“By digitalising our service offerings, we are able to better support businesses in their digitalisation journey and enable services such as bandwidth and cybersecurity which can be provisioned on-demand as well as as-a-Service. These solutions are deployed on a more cost effective model, which provide organisations with the flexibility to pay as they use and scale on demand, minimising upfront investment in ICT infrastructure. 

We are delighted that Neo & Partners Global sees the value in our service offerings and we look forward to partnering them in their innovation journey,” said Titus Yong, Chief Executive Officer of SPTel.

With an overlay alignment consideration to the MAS’ Financial Services Industry Transformation Map (ITM), the design philosophy of the Trading Atrium is simple but powerful: the sum of the parts must be greater than the whole. Neo & Partners Global continues its vision of being a change leader to position Singapore as a leading Asia financial trading hub, adopting technology innovation with soundness and deepening technology specialist skillsets.

Everything we do in FinTech with Capital Markets in-focus must always have a larger purpose. The end result: Neo & Partners Global's clients can operate more profitably, continually adapt better to a fast-changing environment and grow sustainably, Eric Neo Say Wei concluded.

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