More Than 50 Providers Select Colt PrizmNet

  • Infrastructure
  • 10.05.2016 09:00 am

Colt PrizmNet, the financial extranet developed by Colt, continues to grow and now connects over 50 exchanges and providers of financial content and services to more than 10,000 organisations worldwide, the company announced today.

With its deterministic low latency, Colt PrizmNet is a dedicated private network that links the capital market ecosystem. It enables reliable, consistent, and transparent content delivery to firms in the US, Europe and Asia. The extranet also provides a scalable, secure, and reliable platform to rapidly connect and support market participants in areas such as trade reporting, best execution and algo testing.

Capital markets firms use the Colt PrizmNet extranet service to connect to new markets and clients worldwide, giving them the ability to quickly and seamlessly tap into global markets and liquidity sources. Colt PrizmNet is distributing content and services from a range of content providers and exchanges, including Chi-X Japan, Fidelity Corporate Actions Solutions, GMEX Group, JPX, Moscow Exchange (MOEX), Nasdaq, SBI Japannext and TradingScreen / TradeNet.  The extranet also connects market participants to providers that can help them comply with the regulatory requirements outlined in the forthcoming MiFID II directive, including Aquis Exchange and TraderServe.

John Loveland, VP of Capital Markets at Colt, said, “Capital markets firms operate in an environment where opportunities are short lived. Therefore, being able to access new sources of liquidity as well as establish markets quickly provides them with a significant competitive advantage. Colt PrizmNet has been designed in consultation with a range of market participants and now has over 50 providers of content and services worldwide.”

“Colt PrizmNet is also transforming the customer experience with a portal that allows firms to easily obtain quotes and order services, as well as monitor network performance in real time,” continued Loveland. “Together with the recent launch of our SDN network, Colt PrizmNet demonstrates our vision at Colt to enable customers to build and operate their networks.”

"Our partnership brings together GMEX's unique IRS CMF product and the extensive reach of Colt PrizmNet. We offer the market pioneering interest rate swap futures, which are priced like a swap, traded like a future. Via Colt's financial extranet and self-service portal, a worldwide ecosystem of 10,000 capital markets participants' sites can connect to our exchange and take advantage of a simpler, more cost-effective way of trading interest rates." -- James Davies, COO, GMEX Group

“Japan offers great opportunities to foreign buy-side firms, but many struggle to understand this market and perceive the barriers to entry as being prohibitive. As the country's largest PTS by value traded, SBI Japannext is committed to supporting traders looking to enter or increase their presence in Japan. Our partnership with Colt PrizmNet gives firms in Europe and beyond easy and flexible access to the Japanese market by reducing the cost of entry and lead time for trading.” -- Marc Robinson, Chief Relationship Officer at SBI Japannext

"Partnering with Colt PrizmNet helps us to easily reach more of the global capital markets ecosystem. Firms connected to Colt PrizmNet have a great service model, with the convenience of a single pipe to receive all their data and access all their services — including corporate actions information and workflow solutions from Fidelity Corporate Actions Solutions."-- Will Dolan, Head of Fidelity Corporate Actions Solutions

“Aquis Exchange is Europe’s cheapest, fairest and least toxic exchange. We want it to be as easy as possible for firms to make Aquis part of their best execution strategy. We work with Colt PrizmNet as an access provider because it’s a big, well established market player that simplifies connectivity to Aquis for the global capital markets ecosystem.” -- Belinda Keheyan, Head of Marketing, Aquis Exchange

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