• Infrastructure
  • 06.04.2018 05:57 am

Omni-channel, mobile app provider, Mobilearth has partnered with Member Relationship Marketing specialists Ossna to provide the next generation service for financial institutions by giving them the ability to provide their marketing personnel with tier based upsell opportunities for customers/ members they are servicing.

Here’s how the technologies will work together: Mobilearth’s MobiBranch tablet app for employees will allow employees to retrieve instant lists of offers for any customer or member they are working with through the teller dashboard. The Ossna’ Cross Product Selling feature will take the guesswork out of product qualification by analyzing the account history, balances and other data to bring back a specific level of offers.

The Mobilearth tablet app will empower employees to get out of the branch and interact with customers or members in any location, and Ossna’s CPS feature will give the employees the tool to cross sell new products or features instantly. New Account onboarding can happen directly from the tablet with all required forms and contracts being signed digitally and the account opening process happening automatically.

“Our partnership with Mobilearth will empower our existing and new financial institution clients to take Personalized Marketing of their Products and Services to a different level”, says TapaShankar Ghosh of OSSNA, “and will provide a world class digital cross selling and lending experience”.

“Our goal at Mobilearth is to provide best in class mobile apps with the highest level of functionality available, “ says Tia Lee, CEO of Mobilearth. “Partnering with Ossna helps ensure we resolve the needs of financial institutions looking for a competitive edge in upselling to their customers.” 

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