Exscudo becomes a game-changer in personal finances

  • Infrastructure
  • 12.07.2018 12:44 pm

Exscudo becomes a game-changer: exchange-wallet integration makes personal finances accessible on-the-go and safe. 

Widely famous fin-tech project Exscudo launched its core product, Exscudo Exchange. The release is fundamental for the whole Exscudo ecosystem deployment, consisting of the exchange itself, a messenger connected to it, cryptocurrency debit cards, b2b cashier service and other projects that can be easily integrated into it.

It is a remarkable event in the world of cryptocurrencies amid global cryptocurrency correction: the whole sector is going through the phase of sanitation, when only the strongest survive and others leave the market. In this context Excudo is a great example of how traditional business meets the world of cryptocurrencies and ICOs: having about $5,4 millions of investments, almost all of it was channelled to the development. The project was not followed by a lot of hype in the media — it is more than an exception in the world of blockchain, where it is more common to spend fortunes on marketing not development.

The exchange has been under development since 2014. For the last years Exscudo has built an exchange which is more similar to the traditional exchanges than other cryptocurrency exchanges. Among its main features are a fast trading core (according to the developers, the number of transactions processed on the exchange is comparable to NASDAQ’s trading operations volume), an elaborated API for third party trading software enabling high-frequency trading. However most importantly, traders can tether their exchange accounts to the mobile wallet via Exscudo’s corporate EON blockchain which saves users IDs of both the wallet and the exchange together. It can really be a game-changer — exchange-wallet integration powered by the blockchain layer makes personal finances accessible on-the-go and still as safe as in a cold storage. Users money can be both easily invested, converted or spent. Besides, it will allow mobile users which are not up to exchange trading still use the exchange’s core to convert their funds into desired cryptocurrency with minimal spreads and lowest fees.

This year Exscudo implements fiat trading with bank partnership, which will enable cryptocurrency trading and will give vast opportunities for business integration and tokenization. In the end, Exscudo have all the chances to become the service for all kinds of cryptocurrency enthusiasts: from casual users and private traders to ICO projects and financial institutions which are eager to invest in blockchain projects.

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