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  • 26.05.2017 12:30 pm

On Wednesday 28th June 2017, Unwired brings to you its 5th Financial Workplace event in partnership with Macquarie Group, who is hosting the event at their London HQ in Ropemaker street. Financial Workplace17 is a unique, industry focused, one day event that will bring together senior professionals across financial services (FS) in technology, property, facilities management, architecture, design and HR to explore issues facing the future of work and the workplace in FS.

The FS industry is facing huge disruptions globally - political, regulatory and technological. It is now vital for FS organisations to embrace technology, drive innovation and create dynamic and collaborative workplaces to stay competitive in an age of disruption. This event will cover a mix of strategy, technology, people and property to give you an in depth understanding of the future workplace in FS and how this will affect you, your business and your industry.

Key speakers and themes at the event include:

·     The Hybrid Bank Branch Network of the Future

Jeremy Myerson, Director, The WORKTECH Academy & Research Professor, Royal College of Art

A new research report by Unicredit, Royal College of Art and The WORKTECH Academy explores how should banks go about planning the next generation of bank branches.  In the age of online banking, what are the new hybrid strategies that will draw customers in and optimise the property portfolio?

·     UBS @ 5 Broadgate

Ashley Davis, Managing Director, Group Technology Infrastructure, UBS

This session will reflect on UBS’s relocation project - which unifies staff from all its arms - giving practical insights to the new technology implemented, why and the impact this will have on work and the workforce of the future.

·     The Power to Perform: Human Capital 2020 and Beyond

Chris Box, Partner, Financial Services HR Lead, PWC

Workforce demands are being transformed with the role and function of HR being overhauled. Explore the workforce of the future and take home key priorities and strategies to ensure you have the human capital you need to succeed.

·     Rethinking the Trading Floor to Improve Wellbeing and Performance

Senior Executive, Erich Keller

For a variety of reasons, the trading floor has remained largely exempt from change. As financial firms take note, opportunities exist to evolve trading floor design to better mitigate the inherent stress and volatility of the market.

Other topics we will be discussing include:

·     Data, compliance & Chinese walls – expert panel discussion

·     Innovation in financial services and regulation

·     The future financial workplace – expert panel discussion

·     Wellbeing and performance in the financial workplace

·     Workforce transformation, talent attraction and retention

Our Venue:

Macquarie brought various divisions from across London together  under  one  roof  at  Ropemaker  Place  in  a 200,000 sq/ft office relocation across six floors in a LEED Platinum green office building. The bold design was created by Clive Wilkinson and the centre piece of the office   is   the   amazing   red   staircase   that   suggests openness and connectedness. The space was designed to foster communication and collaboration within and between business units and is supports the development of a stronger community.

How to attend?

Register online at www.unwired.eu.com/FinancialWorkplace17

Early bird offers are available until 5th June and those working for a financial services organisation or role are eligible for subsidised rates.

Join up to 80 industry professionals involved in the future of work and the workplace in the financial sector, to learn and share best practice on topics; from utilising space and implementing the right technologies, to facilitating a more flexible and cost effective way of working.

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