CodeGen To Reveal Revolutionary Innovations at EyeforTravel Europe 2017

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  • 26.04.2017 01:15 pm

The software includes Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven Personalization and Recommendation Engines. These options allow travel businesses to mine data from multiple sources and provide personalised product offerings enabling better conversion rates and, ultimately, better margins. Further revolutionary tools gather insights and customer sentiments to better deliver what customers are looking for and what criteria is most important to them. Plus, new Revenue Manager allows for dynamic pricing, responding intelligently to competitors, and to sales and search trends.

TravelBox, the company’s signature, state-of-the-art reservation platform which is already in use by giants of the global travel industry, is complemented by innovative AI products. Importantly, all of CodeGen’s AI solutions can be integrated with TravelBox. Visitors can also look forward to viewing the cutting-edge online solutions that employ machine learning and natural language processing for more user-friendly search which in turn allows better merchandising of product and ancillaries rather than responding within a pre-determined framework. 

Bharat Patel, president, sales, marketing and commercial, CodeGen, explains:

“We are looking forward to EyeforTravel Europe and to demonstrate to visitors how our exciting artificial intelligence led tools work alongside the industry-leading TravelBox. As a company, CodeGen has a long history of investing in the research and development of AI and I am thrilled to be demonstrating our new, revolutionary solutions for the travel industry to visitors at EyeforTravel.”

The technology on display at EyeforTravel Europe from CodeGen includes:

  • TravelBox Surf – a multi-device web application which via its advanced algorithms and robust architecture, delivers superfast personalised holiday propositions and post booking management facilities
  • Review Spotter – understands the natural language and semantics of travel reviews shared by customers allowing the user to easily extract sentiment-level intelligence 
  • Personalization and Recommendation Engines – a new intelligent review platform which builds user profile details of the customer to ensure personally tailored product recommendations in search results. This accelerates the booking process for the customer while enhancing conversions and retention
  • Revenue Manager – Optimises pricing and product placements to increase revenue
  • Artificial Intelligence and bot ready architecture – find out more about how CodeGen is utilising its long history of investing in artificial intelligence and bot technology to power the technical landscape of business with robust, futuristic tools

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