Bovespa Market Data Now Available in Redline Trading Solutions’ Ultra-low Latency Platforms

  • Infrastructure
  • 25.06.2015 01:00 am

Redline Trading Solutions, the premier provider of market data and order execution systems for automated trading, today announced that BM&F Bovespa market data is now supported in its InRush™ 3 accelerated ticker plant software and is available via its fully managed RedlineFeed™.

“Our support for the Brazilian exchange is one more example of our global expansion of market data coverage,” said Mark Skalabrin, CEO of Redline Trading Solutions. “Customers managing their own exchange connectivity can now connect directly to Bovespa, while customers wanting a fully managed market data solution can now subscribe to Bovespa data as part of our multi-asset class consolidated RedlineFeed,” Skalabrin added.

This new InRush feed handler for the São Paulo exchange expands Redline’s support for more than 130 global trading venues that deliver multi-asset class market data to subscribing trading applications using the same easy-to-use InRush API.

In support of Redline’s fully managed platform, Bovespa market data is now being delivered via a low-latency telecommunications link directly into Redline’s metro New York-based publishing infrastructure for fast and easy access via RedlineFeed. In comparison to other consolidated feeds, RedlineFeed offers lower latency and userdefinable book views to power sophisticated trading applications. Multicast/unicast transport options enable all Redline-delivered market data to be seamlessly integrated into firms’ global market data backbones.

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