3W Infra Launches IT Infrastructure Relocation Service in Amsterdam Frankfurt and London

  • Infrastructure
  • 25.04.2017 10:30 am

3W Infra, a fast-growing global Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) hosting provider headquartered in Amsterdam, announces the expansion of its managed services offering with the launch of 3W Infra IT Infrastructure Relocation - a newly delivered data center neutral relocation service for IT infrastructures housed in data centers located in the Amsterdam region, Frankfurt and London. 

The new managed service, 3W Infra IT Infrastructure Relocation, delivered by 3W Infra’s certified mobile engineering teams, is aimed at different types of users including enterprises, Cloud Services Providers (CSPs), Systems Integrators (SIs), Managed Services Providers (MSPs) and colocation companies. Uniquely, the 3W Infra IT Infrastructure Relocation service is being delivered beyond the scope of the company’s own Amsterdam-based flagship data center and its existing global IaaS customer base.

“We like to see ourselves as pretty broad-minded,” said Roy Premchand, Managing Director of 3W Infra. “We don’t consider it cheating when users decide to deploy their infrastructures outside the 3W Infra network in another colocation data center. We’re even willing to relocate IT infrastructures from our flagship Amsterdam premises to competing facilities. Also relocation of IT Infrastructure from a data center on the Internet hub in Frankfurt to a London facility would be an option, or vice versa. Our open-minded approach towards the delivery of engineering services is part of our intention to build long-lasting relationships within the hosting business.”

The 3W Infra IT Infrastructure Relocation service includes the following activities for data center relocation strategy, planning and execution:

  • Roadmap for relocation – Based on hardware inventory, 3W Infra engineers and a project manager will determine the scope of the project. Which servers and network equipment need to be relocated? This equipment may include rack servers, routers, switches, load balancing devices, firewalls, power distribution units (PDUs), backup devices, et cetera.
  • Project Management – 3W Infra’s project managers provide end-to-end project management services, which involves the migration management of associated equipment and planning for the overall ‘big picture.’ Experienced project managers are able to administer dependencies between different migration tasks while identifying risks and taking action to avoid them.
  • Preparing, planning and documentation – The 3W Infra IT Infrastructure Relocation service includes taking care of detailed lists describing everything in the existing data center environment. It also includes all details of the desired successful migration results associated with the project. Derived from the roadmap design, an implementation plan will describe all steps, dates/moments, resources, and all parties/people involved.
  • Logistics – Building on previously drafted documents, experienced logistics specialists make sure that all hardware equipment is being transported according to plan. This role includes selecting the appropriate means of transportation while eliminating risks.
  • Providing a New Setup – 3W Infra’s certified engineers are able to provide hardware design tasks and site preparation tasks onsite. If needed, they can even provide a whole new setup for a customer’s IT infrastructure in the new data center environment.
  • Step-by-Step Migration – According to 3W Infra, an effective strategy to minimize downtime is to create an active-active setup at both data center locations - the previous and new environment. 3W Infra’s recent ‘active-active’ migration of its full IaaS infrastructure with 4,000 dedicated servers would be the proof that it’s the recommended strategy for a low-risk data center relocation approach.
  • Relocation Evaluation – With business continuity of the relocated IT Infrastructures in mind, 3W Infra’s relocation project management teams provide comprehensive evaluation – ensuring that the new data center environment provisioned is meeting current and long-term requirements.

For 3W Infra’s engineering teams it doesn’t matter if customers are in need of a bulky server migration or relocation of just a small amount of servers. “Our Project Management department is professionally capable of doing any relocation project,” said Mr. Premchand. “Evidence will follow soon, as they have commenced relocating our own IaaS environment with 4,000 dedicated servers under management to a new, highly redundant and energy-efficient data center in Amsterdam, in Switch Ams1.”

3W Infra’s IT Infrastructure Relocation service would help organizations with:

  • Getting Fast Results – It helps organizations meet rigid deadlines for relocating their IT infrastructure.
  • Saving Time and Costs – When done by experts, data center relocation would save time and therefore costs.
  • Filling in Expertise Gap – Relocation of IT Infrastructure is being done only once in a while, so most organizations don’t have the expertise on-board.
  • Improving Availability – When done right, a new setup might help organizations get rid of their legacy configurations while improving the availability of their environments.


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