Fundraising News

Ledgy Raises $22 Million Series B to Fund European Expansion
Robocash Hits the Mark of €60M Funds Raised
Cello Raises €2.3M to Build the World’s First User-Led Growth Platform for SaaS
Sardine Raises $51.5M Series B to Provide Real-time Fraud Prevention For Fintech and Web3 Companies
Higlobe, Inc. Raises $14 Million to Eliminate International Fund Transfer Fees for the Global Workforce
Bitgreen Secures $5M in Crowdfunding to Launch the Premier Polkadot Climate-investment Platform
Nilos Raises $5.2M to Build the First Platform that Unifies Crypto and Fiat Treasuries for Businesses
Jacobi Secures Series A Funding to Scale Multi-asset Investment Technology
RKVST Raises $7.5M in Funding to Enable Organisations to Build Verifiable Digital Supply Chains
Loctax Raises $12M Series A to Give Companies Full Control of Tax Risks and Responsibilities
Crypto Exchange Platform Yellow Card Secures $40M in Series B
19/09 – Weekly Investment & Fundraising News
Neobank Majority Secures $37.5M in Series B
Planck Raises $71M to Date to Expand its First-to-Market Cognitive Business Analytics Platform
Turaco Secures $10M Series A Round Fundraise