Mitsubishi Group Invests Additional $120M in a Liquidity Group Fund - Mars Growth, as it Ramps Up Growth Financing in ASIA PAC Tech Companies, Reaching $220M Direct MUFG Investment in Liquidity Within the Last 10 Months

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  • 01.09.2021 02:05 pm

Mitsubishi Group (MUFG) the second largest banking and finance group in the world has injected another $120 million investment into the Mars Growth fund, a 50/50 joint venture owned by MUFG and Liquidity Capital. MUFG has a broader strategic relationship with Liquidity and this latest investment represents their cumulative investment of $220 million to date.

Mars Growth Capital provides debt financing solutions to technology companies in Asia Pacific and Europe. Since its inception one year ago, the fund has recorded exceptional performance through ten transactions to the value of $80 million, executed across Asia, Australia and Europe, with demand exceeding $2 billion during this period. 

Through its strategic collaboration with MUFG, Liquidity is focussed on revolutionizing the credit underwriting process for the business sector. Recognizing the challenges for high potential companies to secure non-dilutive capital from traditional financial institutions, Liquidity developed DYNAMiCS, a world-first, machine learning platform that can perform fast and thorough, data-driven due diligence on companies to assess their performance and growth potential.  

DYNAMiCS uses algorithms to accurately predict future revenues, cash balances and other relevant financial covenants unique to technology business. Each of Liquidity’s four funds, including Mars Growth Fund, use the platform to inform their investment decision making, oftentimes in a process that takes less than 24-hours to complete. 

Liquidity Group has provided over $750 million during the last year to over 50 growth companies across USA, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East, including top unicorns such as eToro, Homer, Resident, Infinidat, Acronis, Infra.Market, and others. Its financing ranges from $5 million to $100 million, and is committed to 24-hour due diligence using its first of a kind platform - DYNAMiCS.

Ron Daniel, Liquidity CEO, said: “MUFG's ongoing investment in our funds is a vote of confidence in our technology, capabilities and potential. Mars Growth Capital’s performance to date is a reflection of the strength of our methodology of combining our team’s professional investing expertise with our bespoke DYNAMiCS technology solution. We are excited to continue our ongoing partnership with MUFG, who shares our ethos to support innovative, technology-driven companies across key market segments.”

Rio Hiroshima, who manages Mars Growth Capital’s operations on behalf of MUFG, said, “Since launching the fund just one year ago, we have quickly positioned ourselves as the market leader in growth financing for technology companies across the APAC and EMEA regions. Market demand, coupled with our strong investment performance has enabled us to grow rapidly and increase the value of the fund to $200 million. We are excited to continue our partnership with MUFG as we continue on the same dizzying trajectory into 2022”. 

Yaron Primovich, the fund manager on behalf of Liquidity said: "Our partners at MUFG believe in our value proposition, and share our ambitions to be the global leader in growth financing.  We hold a unique position in the marketplace because our underwriting platform acts as a data-driven oracle to identify and assess the potential of prospect companies. DYNAMiCS can cut through masses of information to analyse the strength of different business models, end customer behaviours and financial situations, arming us with insights to determine a company's ability to meet future debt repayments.”

"In a post Covid-world, businesses across the globe are on the cusp of even greater levels of innovation and expansion, further fuelling companies' appetite for growth and debt without dilution. We are excited to play a crucial role in helping these companies optimise on this opportunity”.

In addition, Mars Growth Capital has registered high levels of demand from hundreds of companies, in less than one year since its formation. 

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