Sweden’s biggest fintech gathering aims to build a stronger community through knowledge-sharing and networking

  • FinTech StartUps
  • 11.02.2020 06:21 am

Sthlm Fintech Week is a community-driven initiative focusing on knowledge sharing and building a stronger community for the Swedish fintech ecosystem – with quality and relevance as part of its core  DNA. The five-day-long event is divided into seven sessions commencing 10th February 2020.

Whether interested in fostering new connections,  partnerships,  networking with potential investors or simply sharing knowledge among niche expertise,  Sthlm  Fintech Week  2020, offers it all in a collaborative and insightful manner.

By uniting all of the players in the ecosystem, from startups, scaleups,  investors, government officials to financial institutions and regulators, the event is building cross-roads of different perspectives, visions and engagement ‘straight from the source’.

Organized by the fintech community itself, the objective is to generate continuous momentum within the community and gain support from key influencers in the industry.

There are over 400 fintech companies in Stockholm, yet no platform connecting the Swedish fintech community to collaborate more closely and share relevant insights. Considering that most Nordic players have established fintech communities, we saw an opportunity to create such a forum in Stockholm and make it happen”, says Lana Brandorne, one of the

co-founder behind Sthlm Fintech Week along with Anna Blyablina and Love Dager.

Established as an independent organization, the pulse of the event rests on pure passion for fintech and a  united ecosystem,  with speakers,  moderators and volunteers  –  all sourced directly from the dedicated community.

The future vision of the initiative is as dynamic and driven as its founding team – from organic growth and international awareness to greater diversity and increased engagement from banking institutions.

Ultimately,  it is all about fostering a stronger relationship between different actors in the ecosystem and building a  stronger fintech community that now has a  forum in which to convene and share.

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