Robocash Group Doubled Yearly Loan Disbursement Volumes in the H1 2021

  • FinTech StartUps
  • 12.08.2021 10:15 am

Robocash group, a global fintech holding, has published the results for the first half of 2021. The Group doubled the yearly loan disbursement volumes and managed to achieve commendable results. 


In the first 6 months of 2021, Robocash Group issued loans worth 326.5 M USD - up by 134.1% of the H1 2020 performance, already exceeding the results for the entire last year. During the same period, the group revenue amounted to 144.4 M USD - 152.5% increase,  yet again surpassing the results of 2020. The Group’s customer base is growing at a steadily increasing rate - up by 40%. In the past 6 months, there were 2.8 million registrations. 

Commenting on the results, Sergey Sedov, Founder & CEO of Robocash Group said: “We are thrilled to accelerate the business development and reach new heights. In the next half of 2021, we plan to scale our current products, as well as access new markets and expand the product range. Currently, we are preparing to launch an online lending service in Sri-Lanka, and expect to launch new financial products in the Philippines.” 

By the end of 2021, the Group aims to become the best player in each market of operation, growing its customer base and maintaining the quality of its portfolio.

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