NCR Corporation Is First to Achieve ATMIA Next Gen Level 2 API Certification

  • FinTech StartUps
  • 22.06.2021 04:05 pm

NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR), a global enterprise technology provider for the financial industry, and the ATM Industry Association (ATMIA), today announced certification of NCR’s Activate Enterprise NextGen ATM application to Level 2 of the new ATMIA Next Gen Framework. NCR is the first technology provider to achieve this milestone.

This new certification standard is instrumental for financial institutions that want to leverage modern web technologies on their ATMs to deliver exceptional mobile-like experiences. Additionally, it allows interoperability between vendors and provides access to banking and fintech services that significantly expand the functionality of the ATM.

“ATMIA is delighted to announce the world’s first Next Gen ATM Level 2 API certification, offering our heartiest congratulations to NCR for being first over the finishing line in this reinvention of ATMs, to inaugurate what we call ATM 2.0, a new API App model for ATMs,” said Mike Lee, chief executive officer of ATMIA, president of the ATM Security Association and chairperson of the Consortium for Next Gen ATMs, a multi-year future-proofing exercise involving over 400 participating companies in 56 countries. “The Next Gen ecosystem for ATMs will be globally interoperable and will provide for more secure, convenient and richer customer experiences and range of services at ATMs from now on, reinforcing the relevance of ATMs for years to come.”

NCR’s industry leading multi-vendor ATM software, including Activate Enterprise NextGen, allows financial institutions and ATM deployers to run common applications across their ATM fleet, regardless of the ATM manufacturer. This enables the delivery of new ATM applications and services to market more quickly while increasing efficiencies and reducing costs. It also provides a consistent customer experience across ATMs regardless of brand.

“The ATMIA’s Next Gen standardized API ecosystem is a key step in establishing a modern ATM environment aligned with the digital services consumers use every day. NCR is the best partner to help financial institutions combine the best of their digital and physical assets to run self-directed banking,” said Frank Hauck, president and general manager, Global Banking, NCR Corporation. “NCR’s unique perspective is informed not only by our position as the leading multi-vendor ATM software provider but also by our strong position as a leader in digital banking. This certification reinforces that position.”

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