Legislate Patents Innovation In Document Automation

  • FinTech StartUps
  • 10.08.2021 09:20 am

 Legislate Technologies, a legal technology company pioneering the use of knowledge graphs for the creation and management of contracts, is pleased to announce the grant of United States Patent No. 11,087,219. The patent protects Legislate’s approach to using knowledge graphs, for generating, negotiating and managing documents. Knowledge graphs can be visualised like a mindmap which uses domain expertise to make links between data points.

Legislate’s patented knowledge graph can configure terms consistently together into robust contracts which are legally compliant. The same approach allows documents on Legislate to know what terms they contain and how they interconnect, creating the opportunity for fast, automatic insights into contract data. Unlike traditional PDFs, Legislate’s contracts flag key terms to signatories before they can sign. Legislate’s knowledge graph can also extract key terms across a database of contracts to aggregate statistics in real-time.

Charles Brecque, CEO “The grant of our patent is a significant milestone for Legislate as it confirms we are at the forefront of the application of knowledge graphs to documents. Thanks to our knowledge graph approach, we are making smart documents accessible to the unlawyered and have only scraped the surface of what we can unlock with this technology.”.

With its new patent, Legislate aims to set itself apart from its competitors by providing a safer, more transparent contracting experience combined with quick and accurate contract insights with a technology that has endless possibilities. Legislate currently works with landlords, letting agents and small businesses across the UK but has the ambition to scale internationally. By combining legal know-how and patented-knowledge graph technology, Legislate is transforming contracting for the unlawyered.

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