Revolutionary Intelligence Data Platform Set to Make Tech Breakthrough in Sporting Financial Management

  • Financial
  • 12.03.2021 01:08 pm

A STATE-OF-THE-ART SPORTING FINANCE PRODUCT is set to revolutionise how the multi-billion pound sporting industry manages its revenue streams by providing greater insight and analysis on the industry’s finances.

The system, developed by sporting industry and tech experts ClubView utilises the power of AI and data science to monitor performance, cost control and financial health in order to dramatically better inform decision making and enable enhanced financial governance reform in sport.

Believed to be the first of its kind, the ClubView tech product is designed to improve financial sustainability within the industry by providing clubs and leagues with the confidence to take a robust and proactive approach to better managing the ever-growing revenue streams within sport.

With many sporting clubs’ financial reporting either out-of-date or inconsistent, ClubView’s collaborative approach will improve and digitalise current methods - streamlining the whole process and bringing it into the 21st Century.

Created by a team of award-winning ‘user experience’ designers, ClubView collaborates with governing bodies across a wide range of sporting codes to develop a League-wide technology and data platform that delivers comprehensive financial insight into any League and its member clubs.

Entirely self-funded, ClubView harnesses some of the best and brightest talent from ‘Tech City’ as well as a number of experienced industry professionals including directors with senior executive posts in UK football.

With this objective, ClubView’s team has designed a platform which will operate as a real-time dashboard showing how every club is currently performing as well as a bespoke portal that can be set up for Leagues, into which clubs will personally provide real-time financial information.

The platform, which has been purposely designed for easy use, displays business intelligence reports for each club, allowing clubs to compare and benchmark revenues and costs as well as the chance to interact on market opportunities and trends.

Clubs can then utilise such insights to immediately make actionable decisions rather than relying on quarterly or annual reports and then work collaboratively with their respective league to accurately identify costs and trends which may be unsustainable in the long term or alternatively even benefit their bottom line.

This will ensure accountable governance by sporting Leagues and empower senior stakeholders at member clubs to make informed financial decisions that will help to promote financial sustainability.

By working collaboratively with clubs and leagues in order to ensure the best possible solution for their needs, ClubView is also able to build financial data modules into the platform that assess a wide range of club revenue earning functions.

ClubView Chief Executive Matt Everett commented: “ClubView has been working collaboratively with industry professionals for the past year to develop our product and tailor it directly to the sporting industry’s immediate needs. We aim to make a measurable difference promoting financial sustainability in sport through the introduction of our bespoke technical and data platform – which will set new standards of financial governance across a variety of sports."

Whilst the industry has begun to embrace the use of data to provide insight into other areas both on and off the pitch, financial benchmarking has seemingly been left behind."

The sporting industry generates billions of pounds, yet surprisingly there is currently no tech support to effectively manage or govern the significant revenue streams that it enjoys – until now."

Unlike most tech companies we are not aiming to disrupt an industry but rather facilitate change.  Our technology is not simply an ‘off-the-shelf product’ that dictates terms. It will instead work in tandem with sporting industry professionals to produce real time top level forecasts and build models which will be able to predict revenues, predict costs and forecast ahead – without compromising the privacy or competitive advantage of sporting clubs.”

As financial reports are often submitted annually it’s difficult for club stakeholders and Leagues to make timely decisions and proactively spot issues before they arise. This is one of the main issues ClubView is able to solve.

The company is already in discussions with several sporting leagues throughout the UK and Europe and in the UK has recently undergone a successful pilot at Oxford United Football Club in the English Football League.

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