FICO Addresses Critical Resiliency Issues for Financial Services in Virtual Event

  • Financial
  • 09.04.2020 08:00 am

As financial services providers worldwide come under unprecedented pressure from the coronavirus pandemic, analytics software firm FICO has launched a global virtual event aimed at helping leaders manage operations, customers and new fraud scams in the current crisis.

The FICO® Virtual Event – Building Resiliency is a month-long event beginning April 20. It includes more than 30 free live sessions sharing ideas and emerging best practices in topics related to collections, credit management, fraud protection and other issues. Keynote presenters include Will Lansing, FICO CEO; Mark Begor, Equifax CEO; Peter Wannemacher, Principal Analyst, Forrester; and Dr. Scott Zoldi, FICO Chief Analytics Officer.

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The Building Resiliency virtual event features FICO experts from around the world as well as industry experts, discussing topics in six areas:

  • Adaptability — best practices and emerging technologies necessary for creating a more adaptable infrastructure.
  • Digital Customer Engagement — effective strategies for leveraging digital communication and engagement technologies to respond to urgent customer and organizational needs.
  • Risk Management — steps for weathering economic downturns while helping consumers and small businesses that most urgently need support.
  • Operational Efficiency — strategies for achieving higher levels of operational efficiency and scalability using automation and advanced analytics.
  • Building Customer Trust — opportunities to build long-term trust by delivering tailored solutions and services to customers that urgently need them.
  • Protecting Customers — ways to fortify financial crimes prevention, thwart emerging scams and protect customers’ data in the current environment.

“While this crisis is unique, FICO has learned valuable lessons from past downturns and economic upheavals that are vital in today’s situation,” said Nikhil Behl, Chief Marketing Officer at FICO. “In addition, because we are a global organization, we see what’s working in some countries that could be applied in others. With this virtual forum, we will be sharing what we’ve learned and encouraging participants to do the same. Together, we can help professionals in risk management, customer management, collections, fraud and other areas do what’s right for their organizations and their customers.”


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