5th Annual Best Practices for Stress Testing in Financial Institutions: Navigating Challenges in a Changing Landscape

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  • 25.09.2023 01:40 pm

New York, September 25th, 2023 — The financial industry faces unprecedented challenges in the current macroeconomic environment, necessitating robust stress testing frameworks. The 5th Annual Best Practices for Stress Testing in Financial Institutions, hosted by GFMI, is set to provide invaluable insights to help institutions adapt and thrive.

This premier industry meeting will focus on enhancing existing stress testing strategies, increasing efficiency, and ensuring compliance with evolving regulations. Key topics include:

  • Reviewing the Latest Changes in Capital Stress Testing Regulations: Preparing for the upcoming stress testing season by staying abreast of regulatory updates.

  • Applying Regulatory Stress Testing Results in Business Decisions: Exploring success stories and practical applications of stress testing results to inform strategic business choices.

  • Governing New Risks in the Current Market: Effectively managing stress testing frameworks to address emerging risks.

  • Enterprise-Wide Stress Testing: Utilizing stress testing to mitigate risk across multiple facets of business operations.

  • Leveraging Stress Test Results for Enhanced Risk Management: Repurposing stress test outcomes to strengthen overall risk management practices.

  • Readiness for Climate Stress Testing: Assessing preparedness to tackle the unique challenges posed by climate-related stresses.

Distinguished Speakers from Prominent Institutions:

  • BNP Paribas

  • US Bank


  • Webster Bank

  • Fifth Third Bank

  • Mizuho

  • Valley Bank


For further details and registration information, please visit the event website. For inquiries, contact us at ayisp@marcusevanscy.com

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