Outpayce from Amadeus Builds B2B Digital Wallet on Mambu

  • E-Wallets
  • 09.07.2024 09:35 am

Outpayce, an eMoney institution with a license in Spain, has selected Mambu’s cloud banking platform to launch its  multi-currency digital wallet offering to simplify the end-to-end travel payments experience. 

Amadeus, a global leader in the travel tech industry, launched Outpayce last year as a standalone entity to evolve its travel payments business, facilitating B2B payments to the travel industry. Last year, Amadeus processed more than $160 billion in payments amongst its customer-bases worldwide. 

While securing its EMI licence, Outpayce turned to Mambu for its track record of supporting financial institutions in their core modernisation journeys and for its global presence, operating in 65+ countries.

As a key payment player in the travel industry, Outpayce required a robust core banking system to support a high volume of transactions and current accounts. Running on Mambu provides Outpayce with the ability to configure, launch and optimise a breadth of financial products through its self-service, SaaS platform, all from the cloud. 

Werner Van Ravesteyn, Head of Enterprise Products, Platforms and Services at Outpayce: “We work with hundreds of customers across the travel industry, providing them with robust and user-friendly payment solutions, simplifying the way they pay and get paid. As a global organisation, scalability is always an important factor which is why we decided from day one to be fully cloud based. Compared to other core banking players we’ve evaluated, Mambu truly stood out to us for its cloud-native approach, the breadth of products it could support, in our case managing multi-currency accounts and supporting electronic fund transfers across a large number of payment schemes, and of course its track record when it comes to execution.”

“Mambu’s SaaS model means updates to the platform happen in real time, allowing us to focus on building solutions, while it takes care of the back-end maintenance,” cont. Werner Van Ravesteyn. “With the greenlight to begin self-issuing solutions, we’re confident in Mambu’s ability to help us scale and grow and look forward to delivering on our vision of simplifying payments for all our customers.”

Now with its EMI licence, Outpayce will provide and expand its payment services in Spain and throughout the European Union in the future, powered by Mambu. 

Víctor Indiano, Area Manager, Southern Europe at Mambu: “Outpayce from Amadeus is a leader in the travel payments space, and it has found a true partner in Mambu. After a thorough selection process, Outpayce chose Mambu as the best suited core banking platform in the market to support its embedded finance vision.

Our scalable and flexible approach will allow the travel tech leader to serve multiple digital payment use cases and facilitate integration with best-of-breed technologies.”

On Mambu’s modern core foundation, Outpayce can continue to deliver a steady pace of innovation.” 

In a later phase, Outpayce aims to expand its offering to further serve its global network of customers. 

The Mambu implementation is underway with go-live expected in the coming months.

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