Lumi Wallet integrates EOSDT stablecoin and NUT

Lumi Wallet integrates EOSDT stablecoin and NUT
29.10.2019 12:11 pm

Lumi Wallet integrates EOSDT stablecoin and NUT


Lumi Wallet is expanding its EOS tokens collection – now the EOSDT stablecoin, the price of which is linked to the US Dollar, and the Native Utility Token (NUT) are available in the wallet. These are the first of many popular EOS tokens that are going to be added to the wallet’s portfolio.

Lumi EOS integration

During 2019, Lumi has been integrating EOS functionality to its platform and expanding the number of currencies available. After the integration of EOS accounts and the option to buy crypto with a credit card, the company has decided to expand the list of available currencies.

Lumi Wallet has started with EOSDT and NUT, the core assets of Equilibrium, a multichain framework for building decentralized finance products.


It is a stablecoin for the Equilibrium framework linked to the US dollar. It has a wide spectrum of options for use, including being staked on the EOS REX for passive income.


It is a utility token that gives users access to a number of the framework’s functionalities such as decentralized government (NUT holders are able to vote for the system’s global parameters), paying fees, voting for block producers, and REX staking.

Now Lumi Wallet users can hold, send, and receive those tokens in-wallet and participate in other activities available for EOS account holders.

EOS accounts giveaway

Lumi usually celebrates new integrations and features by giving away EOS accounts for free, and this time is no exception - Lumi Wallet is giving away 100 EOS accounts for free! To claim an EOS account, you have to be in first 100 to enter Lumi Wallet and use the promocode EOSDT100.


How to create an EOS account


Important notice: currently Lumi Web Wallet has no option to create free EOS accounts, you’ll have to use the app for that. It is possible to create only one account per device.


  • Download Lumi Wallet
  • Set up a PIN code and don’t forget to write down the mnemonic phrase!
  • Select the ‘Wallets’ section and tap on ‘Get your EOS wallet’
  • Tap on the ‘Create EOS wallet’ button
  • Fill in the fields and create a name for your new account

Register Eos2 1024x661

How to add EOSDT and NUT in Lumi Wallet

Now when your new EOS account is ready, you can easily add EOSDT or NUT wallets to Lumi.

  • Go back to the ‘Wallets’ tab and tap on ‘Manage wallets’
  • Choose the ‘EOS token’ section, tick the ones you need, and confirm.

Wallets Eos 576x1024

Now you can hold, send, and receive these tokens using Lumi Wallet.

More tokens ahead

Lumi’s team has received a lot of requests for token integration, so these are only the first EOS tokens to be added. Follow Lumi’s twitter and blog to get the news about fresh updates, and if you have any requests or questions - don’t hesitate to contact the development team at

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