Childly Launches Its Global Crypto Wallet Service Dove Wallet

Childly Launches Its Global Crypto Wallet Service Dove Wallet
13.05.2019 07:37 am

Childly Launches Its Global Crypto Wallet Service Dove Wallet

E-Wallets , Cryptocurrencies

Childly announced that it has launched its global crypto wallet service, Dove Wallet. Dove Wallet provides cryptocurrency trading markets, and transfer service currently.

Dove Wallet distributes daily bonus according to the user's total balance and trading volume. The idea is simple. Dove Wallet distributes some portion of the gathered trading fee to users back. When market volume increases, the bonus will increase too. As bonus distribution history page is open publicly, you can also check whether bonuses are distributed correctly or not comparing with your wallet balance. One of the interesting parts is that this is risk-free, passive income because Dove Wallet is not making money from loans or investing, but service fee. Users’ money is safe whether the price goes up or down.

Dove Wallet’s another feature is N:N multi-order book. A great use case of N:N multi-order book is that a user can do a currency-exchange of an alt-coin to alt-coin directly.

This is where the N:N feature shines as any coin other than BTC can be a key currency in the conversion. This feature will help remove the hassle for multi-step exchanges to get their desired coin. This also helps the crypto-market (or economy) breakaway from its excessive dependency on big coins like BTC.

Dove Wallet will make strides to open more various services surrounding payments, sending tips, fiat currencies and web APIs.


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