ZEN and Currencycloud Working Together to Simplify Online Shopping

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  • 01.02.2021 12:09 pm

ZEN (zen.com), a licenced European fintech company, has announced its launch in 32 markets, including the UK, with the support of Currencycloud, a leading provider of B2B embedded cross-border solutions. ZEN’s goal is to revolutionize digital payments and drive the future of commerce in order to simplify the online experience for both merchants and consumers.

Technology and the pandemic have combined to deliver rapid growth of ecommerce - in the UK 80% of active shoppers are online shoppers [1], making it the third most advanced online trade market globally. There were 85,000 new online businesses launched only during the first lockdown in Spring 2020 [2]. Such a huge digital shift requires adequate tools to manage both consumers’ and sellers’ expectations in the new-normal era.

ZEN’s mission is to give consumers and businesses peace of mind in managing their money and shopping transactions. Consumers shopping online can count on a variety of benefits, including a multi-currency current account and automatic 1-year extensions of product warranties, while business customers avoid chargeback claims and take advantage of instant payments from their clients.

ZEN’s services are available via desktop and a mobile app, in a transparent subscription model. Thanks to low costs, the latest digital innovations and great user experience, this fintech tool is perfectly suited for managing shopping transactions, especially in the booming e-commerce sector.

“As someone running my own international, digital business, I have encountered many challenges while managing my finances. Using traditional banking solutions has been taking up too much of my time and distracting me from the focus of growing my business. This experience has made me realize that there are other people like me who need a comprehensive, digital financial suite, which gives peace of mind in terms of managing money and shopping transactions. This is how the ZEN concept was born,” said ZEN’s founder, Dawid Rozek.

Partnership to bring innovation

ZEN and Currencycloud identified that in order to offer ZEN’s customers the most flexibility possible and add the most value to their shopping experience, it was necessary to take advantage of the entire Currencycloud suite of products and services. Thanks to this cooperation, businesses using ZEN have the ability to create accounts for their customers that allow them to pay, collect and hold 35 currencies, as well as provide settlement solutions for customers using other PSPs.

Nick Cheetham, Chief Revenue Officer at Currencycloud, commented: “We have worked closely with ZEN to ensure they had the right services in place to successfully launch to both businesses and consumers. Currencycloud Spark, our multi-currency e-wallet solution, fitted perfectly with ZEN’s broader offer, and we look forward to watching them grow in the coming months and years ahead.”

ZEN’s solution, with Currencycloud as its trusted technology partner, is now available in 32 countries in Europe [3], with its digital money license passported across the European Economic Area. For more information visit www.zen.com.


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