Spectrum Markets Introduces Turbo Certificates on Selected Equities

  • E-Commerce , Trading Systems , Banking , IT Innovations
  • 06.09.2021 11:05 am
  • 70 underlying stocks with large turnover volume
  • Most represented sectors are IT, Banking and Commerce
  • Leverage enables participation even in high-priced stocks

Spectrum Markets, the pan-European trading venue for securitised derivatives, is offering investors another trading opportunity using turbos. In addition to indices, foreign exchange and commodities, products linked to selected equities from Europe and the U.S. are now tradable.

"In addition to indices, which account for around 40-45 percent of general trading volume on the main market places in Europe, equity turbos are traded by a good third of market participants via leveraged products”, explains Eren Eraslan, Head of Product Innovation at Spectrum Markets. "This is our response to a growing demand."

At launch, products linked to 70 stocks are available on the platform. These stocks are the most popular from the U.S. and Europe, which currently see high trading volume through securitised derivatives, were selected for this purpose.

"Usually, it is only a small number of stocks that account for about 90 percent of the trading volume," Eraslan continues. "An analysis in the affiliated countries of our pan-European trading platform - including Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Norway, the Netherlands, Ireland and Belgium - clearly indicates as much."

Currently the best represented sectors are IT (19 stocks), bank/finance (11 stocks) and commerce/e-commerce (8 stocks). Stocks include well-known tech favourites like Alphabet, Amazon, and Tesla, alongside longstanding corporations like LVMH Group, The Coca-Cola-Company, Astra Zeneca and Deutsche Bank. Investors will also be able to access niche innovators like plant-based meat substitute maker Beyond Meat, Dutch payments group Adyen, and Chinese electric vehicle company NIO.

Turbo certificates on stocks enable as well equity investors to hedge their positions. Due to the underlying leverage of turbo certificates, it also allows retail investors to invest just a fraction of the stock price to get exposure to the movements in the underlying equity price.

“We have further expanded our range of products with this latest addition. The aim is to successively add a selective number of shares in response to customer demand," says Eraslan.

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