Ecommerce Data Specialist Conjura Adds Two New Modules to Its Platform - ‘Quickstart’ for Early Stage & ‘Business’ for Companies With More Sophisticated Data Needs

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  • 02.06.2021 04:09 pm

Ecommerce data specialist Conjura has launched two new modules for the Conjura Platform. Each has been developed to meet the particular data requirements for businesses at different stages of growth: ‘Quickstart’ is aimed at early-stage brands that are looking to scale, while ‘Business’ adds capabilities for those that already have historic data to work with and are looking to automate their broader analytics function.

The Conjura Platform combines software engineering, analytics and data science to help ecommerce firms make the most of the customer data they hold. It integrates multiple sources of siloed data into a unified data warehouse to offer a single point of truth. It uses a modular framework that allows customers to plug in additional functionality as and when they need it depending on their growth stage.

‘Quickstart’ serves as the foundation for the Platform. It allows businesses at start-up and scale-up stage to understand performance at different stages of the customer journey. This covers which channels, products and campaigns perform best when acquiring new customers, to retention and lifetime value of existing ones. It also provides essential analytics companies need to scale.

Customers receive automated reports to review indicators of business performance, sales and marketing at a granular level in order to identify growth opportunities. ‘Quickstart’ also offers a framework for data science for when the business has scaled to the point where this becomes a viable option.

The ‘Business’ module is aimed at more mature firms that have already generated significant amounts of data, but need to be better equipped to turn this into actionable insights. It enables businesses to employ data science to make informed predictions on factors like Customer Lifetime Value, churn risk and next best actions.

‘Business’ users can ingest unlimited sources of siloed data into a data warehouse. As such, they can use the insights generated to go beyond marketing and sales and look at the bigger picture. Users can solve challenges across departments and get a full picture of the customer journey from acquisition to fulfilment to customer service.

Fran Quilty, CEO of Conjura, says: “Ecommerce businesses face different challenges depending on what stage of growth they are at. Therefore, we’ve expanded the Conjura Platform so it can scale up as and when our customers need additional functionality and data layers.

“Aligned to ‘Snapshot’, the due diligence tool we released earlier this year, customers now have everything they need to support their journey from start-up through to expansion and acquisition phase. They are equipped to make a case for growth funding and even for an exit - if and when the time is right.”

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