Trust Stamp CEO to Speak at Rutgers Law Fintech and Blockchain Collaboratory

  • Digital Identity
  • 21.04.2022 09:30 am

Trust Stamp (Nasdaq: IDAI, Euronext Growth: AIID ID), the Privacy-First Identity CompanyTM providing AI-powered trust and identity services used globally across multiple sectors, today announces that Gareth Genner, CEO of Trust Stamp, will be speaking on the use of identity tokenization for streamlined inter and intra-metaverse transactions during a virtual session hosted by the Rutgers Law School FinTech and Blockchain Collaboratory (the “Collaboratory”). Those interested in attending are invited to join the virtual event taking place on April 22, 2022 at 12pm ET using this link.

Genner joins the Collaboratory to explore the use of irreversible tokenization to establish a trusted “MetaPresence” identity that enables privacy-protected storage, access to, and exchange of digital assets, both between and within metaverse environments through payment rails. The Collaboratory brings experts from industry and academia together to discuss developments in the space and advance the dialogue around emergent regulatory and policy challenges facing crypto and FinTech.

Trust Stamp continues to develop a unique position in the decentralized finance space as one of 15 blockchain industry leaders that formed the Cryptocurrency Compliance Cooperative, which looks to enhance cryptocurrency regulations while establishing consumer-centric frameworks for strengthened public protections and safety in August 2021. The Company currently supports leading Bitcoin ATMs worldwide with real-time KYC/AML-compliant facial biometric and ID document verification built on their core privacy-positive data protection technology. Trust Stamp maintains multiple patent filings for innovations centered in the digital asset space.

Gareth Genner comments, “With the potential to build a robust digital environment where individuals around the world can engage and transact freely, the metaverse presents a tremendous opportunity to develop targeted solutions that support an interoperable, accessible, and secure future of the decentralized virtual world while delivering to the privacy-focused principles of Web3.

The MetaPresence system provides a privacy-first method of authenticating identity in a secure environment to establish trust across metaverse platforms without exposing sensitive data in each. With a globally evolving regulatory purview around digital assets, a rise in government-backed Central Bank Digital Currencies, and major financial institutions entering the decentralized finance space, the applicability of a scalable and protected identity infrastructure that underlies secure digital transactions is immense.

The Company is currently beta testing their MetaPresence Vault solution designed to provide secure account-credential and private key storage, using Trust Stamp’s proven biometric verification and irreversible tokenization technologies to ensure that crypto wallets and digital assets are protected and accessible to only the owner, independent of metaverse platforms and service providers. The MetaPresence Vault is built on an Amazon Quantum Ledger Database, providing an immutable, cryptographically verified history to assure long-term data protection and availability to support the utility of digital assets as mainstream financial instruments across a rapidly expanding range of uses.


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