Bitdefender launches Digital Identity Protection to safeguard the most valuable asset you have, your online reputation

Bitdefender launches Digital Identity Protection to safeguard the most valuable asset you have, your online reputation
23.06.2020 08:21 pm

Bitdefender launches Digital Identity Protection to safeguard the most valuable asset you have, your online reputation

Digital Identity , Cybersecurity

As the professional world moves increasingly online, Bitdefender, a leading global cybersecurity company protecting over 500 million systems worldwide, is pleased to announce the global launch of Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection, the service that lets freelancers, self-employed, consultants and even private individuals control their online reputation.

Digital Identity Protection taps the award-winning security technology of Bitdefender, perfected over two decades of service in the fight against cybercrime, to let you stay ahead of the growing legions of data thieves and fraudsters who use your personal information to damage your reputation, take over your accounts or steal money, leaving you on the hook.

Receive a full picture of your online footprint to see how clients might see you and, alternatively, how criminals might size you up: what elements of your personal data has ever been exposed, any indiscretions still haunting you years later, and how complete a picture of you can a stranger collate from your online activity. 

Then, get instant alerts to any new data breaches on the internet that could affect you, even scouring the hidden corners of the Dark Web where threats lurk beyond the reach of the law. Constant monitoring lets you always stay a step ahead of identity thieves who could impersonate you, damage your professional reputation or use your identity to steal your money. 

Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection shows you all the sources where your name, phone number, physical email address, jobs, education, photos and URLs are linked to your identity. You can visualize all your information publicly exposed over the years – data that can affect your online reputation.

“With the COVID-19 pandemic, people’s online identities are becoming more important than ever, and that has been a major source of vulnerability in the past for freelancers and others who rely on their reputation, as well as for private individuals trying to steer clear of fraud,” said Ciprian Istrate, Bitdefender's Vice President for Consumer Solutions. “Digital Identity Protection finally brings a professional-quality approach to safeguarding your most valuable asset – your reputation.”

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