Transalis and ABBYY Form Strategic Alliance

Transalis and ABBYY Form Strategic Alliance
06.02.2017 09:45 am

Transalis and ABBYY Form Strategic Alliance


ABBYY, a leading global provider of technologies and solutions to action information, and Transalis, the UK’s number one provider of B2B Digital Integration Managed Services, today announced a strategic alliance to help organisations unlock the value of information to realise the true benefits of Integration Brokerage – connecting multiple, disparate data sources for one single view of assets.

As enterprise information continues to grow, with processes becoming outdated and operating models becoming increasingly strained, organisations are struggling to know where to begin with the journey to the digital enterprise. Organisations continue to look to new technology to streamline their operations.

Together, ABBYY and Transalis will help customers navigate the digital landscape by transforming paper to digital information, the core building block, before moving to more advanced capabilities, such as accessing and sharing information on demand, to understanding and acting upon information in real-time to drive competitive advantage.

“Data is the abundant new raw material, but knowledge is the final product”, says Jonathan Darbey, product group head data capture at ABBYY. “The challenge is everything in between and how to go from one state to the other. Our joint belief is that data is step 1, information is step 2 and knowledge is step 3 – each phase adding incremental capabilities in order to enable the end goal – step 4 – action”.

The joint effort of the companies will bridge the gap between machine and human language, so that enterprise applications and services become more natural, more personal and more valuable.

“ABBYY solutions and technologies provide key components for accessing and analysing information,” says Adam Swanson, Transalis Sales Director. “Combining them with Transalis cloud solutions such as OpenEDI, DataCapture and YourAnalytics, our customers can not only process information from all of their documents within one IT solutions suite, but also tackle the challenge of understanding unstructured content from big data and Internet of Things (IoT) scenarios.”

This new partnership opens up the ability to automate highly repetitive business tasks such as invoice data capture. Business-critical information can be captured from various document formats – including images and scans – and can then be transferred back-to-back with EDI generated data into customers’ information systems, workflows and processes.  For the first time, all data, structured and unstructured can be used for Supply Chain decision-making, in real-time.

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