DataGenic Reveals Real-time Curve Builder Application

  • Data , Data Management
  • 20.02.2017 01:15 pm

Next generation forward curve application capable of building millions of customised real-time curves each day.

DataGenic, the leading global provider of on premise and in-cloud Smart Commodity Data Management solutions, today announced the launch of its latest forward curve application: Genic CurveBuilder RTTM.

This fresh addition to DataGenic’s suite of commodity data management solutions represents a complete re-engineering of the underlying technology to substantially increase the performance and scalability of its forward curve engine. Available as in-cloud and on premise versions, it offers the flexibility and a controlled framework for the automated generation of forward curves for any asset class, empowering business users to construct and manage real-time curves with ease.

“Genic CurveBuilder RT TM is the only curve building platform in the market today that offers this level of high performance combined with extensive functionality, whilst remaining independent to data stream sources” said Colin Hartley, CTO at DataGenic. Key features include:

  • Customisable Throttle
  • High Speed Routing
  • *Bespoke methodology
  • Real Time Curve Validation
  • Real Time Curve Dashboard

Richard Quigley, DataGenic’s CEO added, “In today’s low margin and highly competitive marketplace, our clients need the ability to price the market in real-time using their own algorithms and market knowledge. The new Genic CurveBuilder RT offers unparalleled performance, building millions of curves each day, and is scalable for the most active real-time markets. , Genic CurveBuilder RT TM works with several market leading real-time partners, including Trayport. The client benefits include improved price transparency, enhanced trading decisions, calibrated sales opportunity discovery, price risk mitigation and reinforced trading compliance.”

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