Yerra Solutions Unveils its IP Magic Triangle Solution at INTA Annual Meeting in Barcelona

  • Data Management
  • 22.05.2017 10:00 am

Yerra Solutions AG, a global provider of innovative solutions for in-house legal & IP, eDiscovery and compliance, has launched a cutting-edge new solution to help companies better manage IP portfolios. The technology-enabled solution is dubbed the "IP Magic Triangle" because it offers a more automated way of linking the three critical components of an organization when it comes to handling its intellectual property assets – namely the IP department, legal department and the business from a product perspective.

Traditionally, collating the data and information needed to fully maximize the value of IP and minimize risk to the business around IP has been a highly manual process. Merging product information with IP rights details and contract terms has always been a time-consuming and costly special project. Yerra is offering an option to automate establishing, managing and maintaining this model.

"This innovative product is uniquely placed in the industry to truly ensure maximum value from the portfolio and business transparency. Applicable to all industry sectors, connecting this data and establishing the linkages from a product perspective is invaluable. I'm excited about another innovative product and solution developed by the highly skilled team here at Yerra," notes Nadine Stuttle, Managing Director, Switzerland and senior IP expert at Yerra Solutions.

Some of the advantages offered by the Yerra IP Magic Triangle Solution:

-        Actively manage contractual expiries and renewals in line with IP asset management timelines whilst also reducing risk

-        Access to in-depth reporting capabilities against the portfolio to ensure maximum value

-        Ability to view loss of exclusivity and patent expiry per product, and levels of product syntax

-        Ability to link IP and contractual aspects to all levels of the defined product syntax

-        Significantly reduces cost and time spent in establishing linkages, as opposed to manually establishing

You can learn more about this solution at the INTA Annual Meeting in Booth F28.

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