TPBank, Vietnam has chosen iCreate for establishing Enterprise MIS, Financial and Risk Analysis

  • Data Management
  • 24.09.2014 01:00 am

TPBank, a prominent Vietnam financial services institution,  has signed up with iCreate, a Banking Decision Sciences firm,  for establishing an enterprise MIS, Financial Reporting and Risk Analysis framework. TPBankis recognized for deploying innovative technology and industry-leading best practices to enhance customer experience.

This decision comes in the wake of rising regulatory pressures in the region and the bank’s focus on enhancing customer experience, growth, and profitability. After several solution evaluations, TPBankdecided to lay the foundation for addressing the bank’s current and future MIS and Risk challenges by opting for a DW-MIS platform of global standards.

As a part of the bank’s larger information management strategy, iCreate will help TPBankdevelop a Central Data Repository that will leverage iCreate’s proven Banking-specific Data Warehouse, for generating enterprise MIS, Financial Reporting and Risk Analysis. iCreate will establish and activatea sophisticated,future-ready information ecosystem that will help TPBankmanage their data for accurate, reliable and timely decision making for information consumers at the leadership level.iCreate’spremier partner in Vietnam, Net Vision was actively involved in the deliberations leading to the decision.

Speaking on the occasion Bui Quang Cuong, CIO, TPBanksaid, “It is our vision to be a digital banking and services leader in Vietnam by constantly raising the bar on customer experience. This translates to transforming our information management capabilities, which requires establishing a robustdecision enablement and risk management framework. We chose iCreate for theircomprehensiveunderstanding of our information management challenges, as well as theiradvanced technology and experience in banking-specific information management systems.”

Vivek Subramanyam, CEO, iCreate added, “I am happy that iCreate has been chosen as the strategic partner as TPBank lays the foundation forEDW and Reporting. I look forward to TPBankleveraging our experiential understanding of banking information management as well as our Analytics, Risk and Compliancesolutions built using global best practices.”

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