Jack Henry & Associates recreates Banno site

  • Data Management , IT Innovations , Financial , Technical , CRM
  • 15.02.2017 08:00 am

Jack Henry & Associates, Inc., a major provider of digital solutions and payment transactions, primarily for the financial services industry, announced the launch of the newly redesigned www.banno.com. 

The site is designed with user experience at the center of every aspect, including information architecture and product navigation. 

Ben Metz, managing director at Jack Henry & Associates, said, “The digital experience is the new preferred way to interact and communicate with your customer. Jack Henry & Associates is committed to keeping the Banno.com visitors informed with easy-to-access information so that we can build fruitful relationships between financial institutions and their customers.”

Through a combination of customer engagement and feedback, Banno focused its new site on personal experiences. It details how its software can enhance people’s lives with a strong focus on customer perspective and testimonials. The site’s information architecture has been improved to better facilitate a natural flow across all products and solutions, and to provide customers and prospects with more relevant detail on each app, enterprise tool, and key feature. 

Metz added, “More than 600 financial institutions trust Banno to provide their superior, intuitive digital banking experience. This new site enables us to showcase some of these success stories within our continually evolving look and feel.”  


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