Fraud Veterans Officially Launch Obsecure to Bring the Authenticity of Face-to-Face Interactions to the Digital World

  • Cybersecurity
  • 14.09.2020 04:16 pm

Obsecure, a cybersecurity company that guarantees the authenticity of digital actions, making digital experiences as safe, trusted and simple as physical in-person interactions, officially launches today at Finovate Fall with the debut of its  two flagship products AuthenticAction(™) and AuthenticMessage(™). The company also announced that renowned cybersecurity industry executives Ben Wallach and Avner Gideoni have joined as executive advisors.

“Our team of global security professionals decided to make it impossible for fraudsters to hide behind devices, bots and malicious programs,“ said Co-founder and CEO Erez Zohar. “By providing the same visibility and transparency as face-to-face interactions do, Obsecure’s solutions help organizations trust their customers, vendors and employees as they interact digitally, while preventing fraudsters from impersonating others.”

Obsecure’s technology introduces a new paradigm in digital trust by guaranteeing the authenticity of digitally performed actions. Using AI, biometrics and unique action capture techniques, the identity of the person performing a digital action is captured and verified simultaneously with the action they performed, providing an indisputable tamper-resistant proof of the activity and guaranteeing that the action is authentic and can be trusted. This notary-grade process works in the background and doesn't require any additional authentication steps from the user, providing a simple and effortless digital experience while enabling limitless digital services.

“The unique approach of Obsecure’s technology is so robust that it can hermetically protect from existing and future account takeover and malware attacks,” said Avner Gideoni, global expert in threat analysis and Executive Advisor for Obsecure. “I am thrilled to be a part of a team that will finally close the security gaps fraudsters abuse.”

Obsecure’s new products include:

  • AuthenticAction™ - a simple SDK that integrates the power of Obsecure’s technology into websites and mobile apps to increase the level of trust and eliminate multiple authentication steps, limitations and false declines. 

  • AuthenticMessage™ - a standalone messaging application that ensures the authenticity of business communication, preventing social engineering and business email compromise attacks. 

“With the recent acceleration of digital usage, FIs are actively searching for emerging technology that will exponentially elevate the level of trust they have in their customer’s digital identity and ultimately increase the customer’s trust in their digital services.  A prime example would be the elimination of transaction limits for services such as Zelle,” said Ben Wallach, a seasoned fraud executive and Executive Advisor for Obsecure, “I’m excited to join the team on their mission to enable real-world trust in digital interactions and ultimately creating an effortless digital customer journey."

Attend Obsecure’s demo at Finovate Fall on Tuesday, September 15th from 1:00-1:55 pm ET by visiting the following link after registering for the event. The Obsecure team will also be available for meetings in their virtual booth at the show. 

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